Types of Noris implants

The products of this company are a successful merger of medical technologies, modern materials and low cost. Noris implants are among the five most famous in Israel, widely used in Europe and the USA. Demand is actively increasing in Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries. Noris Medical is the first manufacturer in Belarus to offer all types of modern dental implants.

Varieties of implants:

    Implants Noris TUFF

  • TUFF – root screws made of titanium alloy with three types of thread (self-tapping, narrow, wide). Such a surface guarantees rapid osseointegration, prevents subsequent bone atrophy. This is a classic implant with a delayed load, installed by the method of two-stage implantation;
  • Implants Noris Cortical

  • Cortical – is provided for a one-stage method of implantation, in the cortical bone level. The wide Noris Medical branded thread guarantees high-quality stabilization, therefore it can withstand the load immediately without delay;
  • Implants Noris Onyx

  • Onyx – cylindrical pins with additional notches in the upper part. They are used for installation in a dense bone, where there are no important atrophic processes. The system requires a delayed load.;
  • Implants Noris MBI

  • MBI – elegant Noris Medical pins with attachment in the form of a ball, allowing to use the method of compression bone compaction. An excellent option for installation on narrow ridges and in other difficult areas of the jaw with atrophy of hard tissues. Immediate load allowed;
  • Implants Noris Mono

  • Mono is a one-piece system designed to replace the upper and lower posterior teeth. It is used to restore one tooth or attach a bridge;
  • Implants Noris Zygomatic

  • Zygomatic – implants are designed specifically for insertion into the zygomatic bone, making it possible to solve the problem of severe tissue atrophy in the lateral parts of the jaw.