MIS C1 implants

Implants MIS C1 , for which the best orthopedic and surgical solutions were thrown, were created for use with any type of bone.


  • Conical connection . The implant has the appearance of a hexagon. Provides absolute fixation in the first 3 weeks after installation.
  • Platform switching system stimulates the formation of new soft tissue around the abutment and also prevents spontaneous bone destruction.
  • Perfectly take root and are fixed by using the principle of DSM (Dual Stability Mechanism) : the coronal part is 2/3, and the apecal part is 1/3. This ensures complete immobility and biocompatibility of implants.
  • Double self-tapping thread in increments of 1.5 mm reduces compression (compaction) of the bone. Additional commit the first time after installation.
  • Unique SLA improves survival through micro-roughness.
implant MIS C1

Implants MIS SEVEN

Implants MIS SEVEN – the most universal of the entire line of the manufacturer. Any type of bone is suitable for work, and you can also use any bone grafting techniques .


  • Conical shape for horizontal and vertical condensation, enhancing primary stability.
  • Double thread with a constant pitch of 2.40 mm increases in diameter from the apex to the neck. Bone tissue is not injured more than necessary, evenly cut. This approach leads to minimal compression of the bone, and also improves its contact with the implant.
  • In the pre-coronal part there are micro rings that significantly increase the contact area of ​​the cervical region. The risk of destruction of hard tissue in the crystalline section of the alveolar process is reduced.
  • A sandblasting system followed by acid etching creates a rough microdesign. Improved bone adhesion and, as a result, accelerated osseointegration.
  • MIS Seven implant is connected according to the principle of internal hexagon. Due to this, a snug fit and comfortable positioning of the suprastructure is guaranteed.
  • Safety and full control over the procedure implantation is determined by the presence of three spiral channels located in the apical part.

We also install implants of the following brands:

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Inessa – Feedback on implantation
I had an implant installed
I am probably one of the oldest 😊 clients of this clinic. I had an implant installed. It was so long ago that I don't even remember, maybe 12 or 15 years ago.... The founder Alexander Sergeevich performed the installation. To this day, the implant is strong and "healthy", although some are skeptical of them. I went online to see if the clinic still exists and was very happy to see that it does and is thriving. And so many positive reviews. Keep it up! Perhaps we'll meet again! 😉😊
Natalia – Feedback on implantation
The implantation was done quickly and painlessly
I chose Dudko and Sons dentistry based on reviews, location, and consultation with an orthopedist. I really liked everything and I didn't regret coming here at all. Many thanks to the entire staff for their work, kindness, sensitivity, and, of course, professionalism. I especially want to thank surgeon Yarovyi Yaroslav Mykhailovych and orthopedist Sankevich Vladimir Ivanovich. The implantation was done quickly and painlessly. Sankevich Vladimir Ivanovich is a Master of Prosthetics, all the work was done precisely at the appointed time, the quality of work and materials is excellent, I didn't have to get used to anything, he is an attentive, patient, and highly qualified doctor!
Nina – Feedback on prosthetics on implants
Prosthetics on implants
I searched for a long time for a clinic with good reviews and recommendations, and I don't regret choosing Dudko clinic. Although I come from Moldova, the staff is very friendly and the doctors are all professionals in their work. I want to leave a good review for the surgeon, although I don't know his name - sorry... He works very professionally and, most importantly, without pain, and after the surgery, he explained everything to me in great detail and gave good recommendations. The final work was done by the orthopedist Alexander Pavlovich, and I also give him a 10+. Many thanks to Ana, who organized assistance with transfers from the airport and back and was there for me during all five days that I spent in your clinic. I'm not saying goodbye, see you in six months.