implants Megagen AnyOne

Features of MegaGen implants

  1. They have a unique Xpeed coating : a patented technology for integrating Ca2 + ions into the surface. 100% sterility, without etching products, thanks to the use of SLA processing. All this provides fast osseointegration: a foreign body takes root faster and is ready to accept the load.
  2. Conical airtight abutment connection . The effect of “cold welding” is achieved: the fixing screw will not break, bacteria cannot penetrate the structure, even the minimum mobility of the abutment is completely eliminated.
  3. Subcrestal installation : a sparing implantation technique with the least loss of bone tissue. The effect is achieved due to the design without angles, and the cortical bone undergoes minimal resorption.
  4. Extensive size chart : you can choose the tool to solve any dental situation. Length varies from 6.5 to 15 mm. Diameter – from 3.5 to 7 mm (a single platform for everyone).
  5. The main material used to make Mega Jen implants is Grade 4 titanium . It has high corrosion resistance, and its strength is sufficient for use of the alloy in the aerospace industry.
  6. The unique Knife Thread is responsible for evenly distributing the load on the spongy bone: the fabric is divided by screws into equal parts, improving the quality of “adhesion”. Even if it is loose, the fastening will be durable.

The AnyOne series enables the orthopedic surgeon to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results in his work.

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