what dental implants look like

Adin Advantage Systems

  • Connection type. There are two types of implant connections: standard hexagon and cone connection. The latter makes the fixation more durable, thereby increasing their service life.
  • OsseoFix special coating. It contains calcium phosphate, enriched with oxygen without impurities.
  • Hence, ensuring a high degree of survival of structures.
  • All implants are made on the basis of modern technologies of osseointegration, biological mechanics.
  • All products comply with international standards, which is confirmed by such quality marks as CE, FDA. Verification is carried out by Quality Assurance.
  • For the production of implants, high-quality titanium is used, the outer layer of which is sanded according to a special system. The material has excellent biocompatibility.
  • The model range is represented quite widely, which makes it possible to carry out various types of prosthetics.
  • The system was developed according to the immediate loading technique: it allows the installation of prosthetic bridges on 4-6 implants inserted in the upper and lower jaws.
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty on all its products.
Implant systems ADIN

Touareg S – most used implant ADIN

For high-quality implantation, it is best to use internal hexagonal implants, which include Touareg-S. It has a conical shape with a special head and a standard internal hexagonal connection (3.5 mm for all diameters), which allows to reduce pressure on the bone, minimize the possibility of damage tissue and pain during surgery. Therefore, it is widely used in cases when it is necessary & nbsp; bone tissue extension . They are easy to use and their surface is finished with S.L.A. coating (AB / AE – blown / acid alumina).

Key Pros:

  • double thread (2 × 1.2 mm);
  • high stability in the early stages, also in type IV bone;
  • bone densification ability;
  • for optimal placement there is the possibility of redirection;
  • conical condensation property;
  • single restoration / prosthetic platform for easy recovery.

This type of implant is designed so that it can quickly and carefully integrate into the bone, while ensuring the immediate functioning of the system.

It is used in classical two-stage implantation, when the titanium rod is first installed. After passing through the primary osseointegration, a ceramic head is installed. In case of simultaneous surgery, the implant is implanted immediately after tooth extraction.

We also install implants of the following brands: