Ten year warranty for Straumann implants!

We guarantee a return of 800 euros in the event of a warranty case within 10 years from the date of installation.

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Straumann implantation cost in Minsk

Проведение имплантации Straumann в Минске в стоматологии «Дудко и сыновья» намного выгоднее, чем проведение аналогичной операции в странах Европейского Союза, Норвегии, США, Канаде или Израиле, а также России и многих других странах.

Цена самих имплантов Straumann в Минске мало отличается от рекомендованной производителем цены в других странах, но все же итоговая стоимость имплантации на 30-40% ниже за счет более низкой стоимости самой операции.

Вид услуги Цена
Implantation Straumann SLA (Switzerland)
Metal-free ceramic crown E-Max

Placing multiple crowns at once significantly reduces the overall cost of the operation.

Ceramic-metal crown on the implant Noris (Israel)
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 13 980
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 16 650
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The Straumann implantation in Minsk in “Dudko & Sons” dentistry is more profitable than performing a similar operation in the countries of the European Union, Norway, USA, Canada or Israel.

Types of Straumann Implants

  • Tissue Level was originally developed for one-stage implantation. The shape of the implants preserves the natural width of the roots of the teeth. According to an independent clinical study, the implants of the presented series are less prone to rejection within nine years after surgery;
  • Implants Straumann Tissue Level
  • Straumann Standart with a neck height of 2.8 mm are used for one-stage implantation. The implant attachment with the abutment is characterized by high reliability. This was made possible by the use of cold welding and a Morse cone with an angle of 8 degrees;
  • Straumann Standart Plus and Straumann Tapered Effect have a shorter smooth neck up to 1.8 mm, which allows the surgeon and orthopedic surgeon to plan treatment according to both one-stage and classical methods;
  • Straumann Standart Plus Short is the shortest implant, with a length of only 4 mm. This line of implants is used with limited bone height when bone grafting is undesirable;
  • Bone Level – used for cases when implants are placed at the same level with the edge of the bone. Ideal for restoration of teeth in sight;
  • Bone Level Tapered are small diameter products that have been specifically developed for cases of limited thickness of the alveolar ridge or narrow interdental spaces.
types of implants Straumann

Implants practically have no upper bar of age restrictions, which makes it possible to use them for all patients who do not have contraindications. Special Straumann product models have a short healing period of up to 6 weeks. This can significantly reduce the time from implantation to the stage of loading the implant with a permanent crown.

гарантия на импланты Straumann

Factors Affecting Implantation Efficiency

The quality of implantation depends on a number of factors:

  • lack of serious pathologies and the general state of health of the patient;
  • volume of bone tissue of the jaw;
  • compliance with oral hygiene;
  • compliance with the general recommendations of the doctor after surgery.

Prior to implant placement, all patients of the Dudko & Sons clinic must undergo a diagnostic examination and computed tomography.

Center specialists annually take advanced training courses and seminars in Italy, Israel and Germany in large training centers – Ivoclar Vivadent, Akademia BEGO, KaVo to use the latest developments in surgical dentistry, which allows them to achieve perfect implant contact with bone tissue and excellent esthetic effect after installing a permanent crown.

Straumann dental implants are an effective solution for your perfect smile, natural and comfortable life for decades.

Implant Installation Warranty

The Dudko & Sons Dental Implant Center provides a ten-year warranty on the installation of Straumann implants.

Highly qualified dentists will do everything with high quality and without pain.

We guarantee a return of 800 euros in the event of a warranty case within 10 years from the date of installation.

We also install implants of the following brands:

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