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A dental x-ray (targeted intraoral contact x-ray) from computed tomography and panoramic x-ray is distinguished by:

  • high image quality;
  • lowest possible radiation dose (0.005 mSv) – the amount of radiation received from the apparatus is equal to the dose naturally received by a person from the atmosphere in one day;
  • low cost;
  • a very limited area of ​​the resulting image (usually no more than 3 teeth).

How does the X-ray procedure take place in Minsk:

The procedure requires you to have – a referral from the attending physician, and in the clinic – a specially equipped diagnostic room with a valid permit from state bodies for the supervision of nuclear energy, personnel with the appropriate education and the necessary level of access, and, of course, a worker articulated X-ray diagnostic apparatus, for example, our Trophy IRIX-70 or other analogues allowed in the country. On the part of the patient, this does not require any prior preparation.

In the office, you will be asked to remove all metal jewelry and put on a protective lead apron (given by a clinic employee). After that, the X-ray technologist will put the digital sensor of the X-ray machine in the required position, according to your direction and ask you to remain still for a few seconds, during which he will take a picture, which will immediately be displayed on his monitor and can be printed or sent to your doctor.