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Ceramic prostheses: types, features

Non-metal ceramics are classified according to several criteria, among them – chemical composition and design.

According to the first sign, products are distinguished:

  • aluminum oxide;
  • zirconium oxide;
  • pressed.

Depending on the design, there are:

  • crowns;
  • veneers;
  • “Bridges”;
  • tabs.

Alumina prostheses

Aluminum oxide products have less light transmission than pressed analogs, but they look just as natural, they are not inferior to other types in strength. They are suitable for replacing one element of the dentition; small bridges are also made of them (for 1-2 elements).

Zirconium-based prostheses

This type of prosthesis is not inferior in strength to metal, but it does not look as natural as other types of structures made of non-metal ceramics. But only zirconia products can be used for replacement or restoration of molars, so an imperfect appearance does not play a big role here. They are suitable for the manufacture of large “bridges”, and therefore are often used in prosthetics of the posterior teeth.

Pressed ceramics

This is the most modern, durable, aesthetically attractive option. Classic crowns, veneers, tabs are made from it. Metal-free crowns fully restore the functionality of a damaged or precipitated predecessor. They can be put on your own teeth (badly damaged, weak, cracked, discolored or just with a defect) or an implant.


Veneers are thin records that are more focused on restoring aesthetics than functionality. Therefore, they are used to restore the front teeth and, unlike non-metal crowns, are worn only on its outer side.

Metalless tabs

Tabs is an alternative to photopolymer fillings. They are made directly in the oral cavity of the patient, after which they are removed, finalized in the laboratory. Bridges are needed to restore one or more (adjacent) dentition elements. They are installed on adjacent, pre-treated teeth.


Indications for the installation of crowns made of non-metal ceramics are:

  • complete lack of tooth;
  • its defect (of any complexity);
  • that violates aesthetics or functionality;
  • irregularities in the dentition;
  • allergic to metal dentures.


Contraindications include:

  • pregnancy;
  • deep bite;
  • bruxism;
  • untreated oral inflammation;
  • osteoporosis.

Installation Process

If you decide to put non-metal ceramics in Minsk, get ready for the procedure to take several days. The installation order of the prosthesis directly depends on its type. But there are general stages that are mandatory when installing any design:

  1. Sanitation of the oral cavity (checking the condition of gums, fillings, elimination of all foci of caries and other procedures.
  2. Tooth preparation.
  3. An impression is made of the upper, lower jaw (not for veneers).
  4. A temporary denture is made (the patient will wear it while the permanent one is made).
  5. The finished design is used, if necessary, corrected, and installed on adhesive material.

Care Tips

Another advantage of non-metal ceramics is ease of maintenance. It’s enough to correctly calculate the load on new teeth, regularly, properly brush them with the right stiffness, use high-quality paste, and visit the dentist once every six months.

The service life of the products, subject to these rules, is really unlimited, but there is another important condition that will affect the outcome of the prosthetics – the qualification of the doctor.

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