Clasp prosthesis price

Стоимость изготовления бюгельного протеза определяется сложностью его изготовления, то есть его конструкцией (см. Виды бюгельных протезов); количеством зубов, если речь идет о частичном протезе и типом фиксации. Наша зуботехническая лаборатория является одной из самых известных в стране. Более 30 лет мы изготавливаем надежные и долговечные зубные конструкции высочайшего качества.

Вид услуги Цена
Nylon removable prosthesis
from 937
Removable partial denture with a clasp
from 2000
One-sided clasp prosthesis with locking attachment to the metal-ceramic crown
from 1415
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Types of method of fixation in the oral cavity

Clasp mounts have the appearance of metal arches that are attached to the abutment teeth. If necessary, it can be used to stabilize loosened incisors or chewing cloves prone to prolapse. This function is often used for periodontitis. Such fastening provides the correct load distribution, in which the main emphasis falls on the gum. Only a thin jumper remains on the palate. A clear minus is the visibility of the mounts with a wide smile.

Attachments or micro-locks consist of two elements: one is fixed in the abutment, the second is welded to the arc itself. Thus, a reliable fixation, more rigid. To mount the groove you have to prepare the base tooth. The load in this case is distributed 50/50. The cost will be higher due to the increase in the volume of operations performed by the dentist, as well as the use of other, expensive materials.

Telescopic crowns is another way of staging a clasp prosthesis. On the upper jaw placement is carried out mainly in this way. The processing of support elements includes turning, metal plating and polishing. Only with a perfect fit of both parts will it hold firmly. This option is the most invisible to others. High technology of the method determines the high cost of such prosthetics.

Quadrotti – metal-free clasp dentures made in the dental laboratory using Quattro Ti technology. Ideal for people who are allergic to metals. A flexible design is made of the patented Dental-D material: nylon-based plastic treated with high temperature. The structure is integral, consists of artificial gums, teeth and fixtures. Neighboring items are not affected. Some patients doubt the strength of such plastic due to the openwork design, but it is at the level of a metal arc.

The advantages of such prosthetics are considered

  1. The palate remains open, which makes use comfortable. No interference with food intake.
  2. The aesthetics of such a prosthesis are much higher than the acrylic equivalent.
  3. The design is lightweight, compact.
  4. The fixation system is very simple, subject to even an ignorant person.
  5. It can be used to replace both a single tooth and a number of teeth.
  6. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is the most profitable solution. Other orthopedic designs for prosthetics are not so convenient, and unnatural. Only implantation will be more reliable.
  7. Service life reaches 10 years. Subject to careful wearing and compliance with all rules of care.
  8. Perhaps third-party use to stabilize teeth with periodontitis and other gum diseases.

How does prosthetics work?

The first thing to do is visit a doctor. He will conduct a thorough examination of the oral cavity, determine the need for additional work such as rehabilitation or treatment. A panoramic picture will be taken to determine the structure and appearance of the innovation, as well as the height of the bite for convenient placement. It is very important to ensure the closest fit of the false jaw to the present. The color of the “enamel” is selected by the doctor in accordance with the wishes of the patient, as well as taking into account the shade of adjacent cloves. Most often, you also need to make a cast to give the correct anatomical shape.

Next, the technicians begin work. A metal frame is cast or a plastic base is made. Artificial teeth and other elements are attached to it. During the development and casting, you will have to visit the clinic several times to try on. If you do this on time, on the appointed days, the manufacture will not be delayed. It must also be remembered that the manufacture of a one-way clasp prosthesis will take much less time. The maximum term is 2 weeks.

The system is removable, therefore it is understood that they are removed from the mouth at night or even during the day. Even in the case of installing “jaws” on the locks, you will be able to do it yourself. All works are already included in the price of arch prostheses. There are not many clinics in Minsk that have their own specialists and a laboratory for production. This reduces cost and speeds up the process.