Clinic advantages

Клиника Дудко и сыновья первыми в Беларуси применили знания об имплантации зубов на практике.
The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Собственная зуботехническая лаборатория позволяет оперативно решать проблемы пациентов, а также производить ремонт зубных протез.
Own dental laboratory
Современное оборудование таких фирм как: Sirona, A-dec, KAVO, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bredent, Dentsply
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Стоматология оснащена аппаратом компьютерной томографии.
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
Минская стоматология Дудко и сыновья имеет множество патентов и сертификатов различных мировых брендов и научных конференций.
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Квалифицированные врачи клиники с суммарным опытом работы более 195 лет, одно из главных наших преимуществ.
Experienced highly qualified doctors

Denture Repair Price

Fixing a removable denture

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Repair of removable dentures

Depending on the type of breakdown and the causes that arise, the following types of work can be carried out:

  1. If you fall or hit removable dentures or become cracked, or split into several parts. Repair work is possible if the fracture line allows you to connect and fix the parts. At the same time, a new material is used to connect them, but first, before this, reinforcement (the introduction of materials that enhance the strength of the prosthesis) is made of the prosthetic base. Repair is not possible only if there are more than two damaged parts, or their ends cannot be connected.
  2. Elimination of defects is also possible with fractures of the support-holding hook on a plate bridge or clasp. To do this, silicone prints are removed with the structure fixed in the oral cavity, after which a new wire clasp is made in the dental laboratory.
  3. When the abutment teeth are removed, a hole forms in their place. In this situation, the prosthetist will also make a mold, increase and cover the material with an empty area.
  4. If an artificial plastic tooth is damaged, it is changed to another, picking up an analogue in color and shape.

If you need repair of prostheses in Minsk, contact our center “Dudko and Sons”. We are one of the leading clinics in the capital for implantation and prosthetics. Our main advantage is the availability of our own dental laboratory, so we can not only guarantee the high quality of the services provided with confidence, but also manufacture and repair prostheses in a short time.

The procedure Repair of dentures in Minsk is carried out by doctors:

Дудко Олег Александрович

Clinic owner, chief dental technician