Dental prosthetics in the oldest dental centre in Minsk

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Dental prosthetics in Minsk

Private prosthetics clinic in Belarus offers services to restore the integrity of the dentition and functions of the masticatory apparatus. Technologies allow for aesthetic restoration with a partial and complete absence of side incisors, canines, and molars. The modern possibilities of orthopaedic dentistry are unlimited. In the dental prosthetics clinic “Dudko and sons” install crowns, bridges, removable and fixed prostheses with full and partial adentia, and implants are implanted into the gums. In work, specialists use integrative dental techniques, innovative materials from leading companies.

Clinic Benefits

Private clinic has been operating since 1988. Over the history of our existence, we have gained rich experience, mastered modern technologies, created author’s techniques. A definite plus in our work is the use of world experience. This allows the implantation of teeth even for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease. The clinic has ample opportunities for restoration. Today, crowns and prostheses are made in the centre from high-quality materials by computer simulation and milling on laboratory equipment. Due to the accuracy of the processes, it is possible to achieve a tight fit and excellent aesthetic characteristics. The combination of methods allows our customers, even with total adentia, to have a white-toothed smile, like the stars of show business.

Dentists attend international congresses, symposiums, learn from the best specialists. For innovative developments in the creation of flexible prostheses, castings, digital technologies and other techniques have certificates, awards and diplomas. Reviews about prosthetics of our clients, developed medical tourism confirm the competence of doctors. We are glad that they trust us, and people are going to be treated from neighbouring countries. For compatriots and foreign patients, prosthetics in Belarus cost the same.

Doctors carry out all diagnostic and dental manipulations on European equipment. The technical base is equipped with dental microscopes, visiographs that allow you to control the process visually. A-dec 3 dental system provides patient comfort and convenient work for the doctor.

The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Own dental laboratory
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Experienced highly qualified doctors

Dental prosthetics in Minsk: prices

Ceramic-metal crown
Metal acrylic crown
Ceramic-free metal crown
Stump pin tab in the tooth
Full removable denture
Nylon removable prosthesis
Clasp prosthesis cast
Fixing a removable denture

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Indications for dental prosthetics

An orthopaedic intervention is not necessary if you lose one tooth. Nevertheless, postponing a visit to the clinic is not worth it. Explicit indications for prosthetics are:

  • Pathological abrasion. In this case, it is best to use cermets or veneers.
  • Strong destruction of the crown. If the tip of the tooth is 70% damaged, it is recommended to supplement it with an artificial one. If only one wall is damaged, composite restoration can be dispensed with. If only one root remains, a pin stump tab is used.
  • Adentia – the complete absence of the element. The doctor determines the type of recovery during the examination. It depends on the location, on the condition and the presence of neighbors.

With age, the number of defects increases, so you can’t do without a procedure. Even full dementia can be reversed. Modern false jaws are comfortable, lightweight, flexible. They look natural. The cost of dental prosthetics in our dental centre is one of the lowest in Minsk.

Contraindications to prosthetics

There are no absolute contraindications to the procedure: the presence of a wide variety of techniques makes it possible to approach the choice flexibly. So, one of the methods will suit you. However, if you do not follow the basic rules of oral hygiene at home, you may well be denied. Doctors also do not recommend the installation of a new prosthesis, if the old one can be tidied up: a good master can repair even critical injuries.

Our clinic has its dental laboratory, without the participation of which prosthetics are not complete. In Minsk, few dental centres can boast of this. Our technicians have sufficient experience to make individual prostheses in a short time. Doctors will competently write down all stages of treatment. Hold a consultation and additional manipulations before installation.

You are treated

Дудко Олег Александрович

Dudko Oleg

Собственник клиники, Главный зубной техник
Дудко Наталья Александровна

Dudko Natalya

Руководитель клиники, Стоматолог-хирург
Пажлаков Павел Анатольевич - врач стоматолог

Pazhlakov Pavel

Прялкин Сергей Викторович - врач стоматолог

Pryalkin Sergey

Еловой Ярослав Михайлович

Elovoj Yaroslav


Feedbacks all feedbacks

Алина Николаевна
Alina Nikolaevna
I really liked the attitude towards the client, patient, attentive.
We did a removable prosthetics for my grandmother. I really liked the attitude towards the client, patient, attentive. It turned out cheaper and faster than in other clinics. Several times we came for a fitting, everything came up perfectly.
Тамара Тимофеевна
Tamara Timofeevna
I did prosthetics in "Dudko and sons"
I did prosthetics in "Dudko and sons", went through several stages and finished everything yesterday. Well done doctors came up responsibly to every moment, for which many thanks to them. I also liked that me were called back, reminded of the reception. The only thing I live far away, but the clinic has nothing to do with it. Everything else is good.
Dental prosthetics in the oldest dental centre in Minsk

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We will call you back within 15 - 20 minutes