Clinic advantages

Клиника Дудко и сыновья первыми в Беларуси применили знания об имплантации зубов на практике.
The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Собственная зуботехническая лаборатория позволяет оперативно решать проблемы пациентов, а также производить ремонт зубных протез.
Own dental laboratory
Современное оборудование таких фирм как: Sirona, A-dec, KAVO, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bredent, Dentsply
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Стоматология оснащена аппаратом компьютерной томографии.
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
Минская стоматология Дудко и сыновья имеет множество патентов и сертификатов различных мировых брендов и научных конференций.
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Квалифицированные врачи клиники с суммарным опытом работы более 195 лет, одно из главных наших преимуществ.
Experienced highly qualified doctors
panoramic pictures of teeth Minsk
Panoramic shots of teeth

6 USD★★★★★

The picture is taken using the device ORTHOPHOS XG 3. It has 6 standard scanning modes, as well as visualization of the temporomandibular joints.

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Equipment for panoramic imaging of teeth

The device is a high rack, near which the patient placed. The head fixed in a specific position. After that, the upper element begins to rotate around it, making a 3D image of the jaw arches, temporomandibular joints. Harmful radiation minimized: such equipment does not cause any harm to humans. In panoramic images, even the rudiments of teeth are visible. If 34-36 row elements plan to appear on the surface in the wrong place, the picture will display this. The dentist will be able to prevent the consequences of a shift in the dentition in time.

Benefits of X-ray diagnosis of teeth

  • Minimum time for the provision of services. The exposure level reduced by 20 times.
  • The use of film is optional. The image converted to digital format. All examinations are performed on a computer using specialized programs.
  • High picture quality: even the smallest elements can be considered.
  • The safety of information in the form of a file on any medium.

Tooth x-ray is necessary before and after treatment or implantation. Thus, the state of the oral cavity, implant or prosthesis after the procedure monitored. Since the service is accessible and obligatory for almost all customers, we maintain a low cost for a panoramic picture of teeth.

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Игорь Куцепов
Сделал панорамный снимок в Дудко и сыновья.
I took a panoramic shot in "Dudko and sons." There was no queue, and did everything quickly. The panoramic shot was clear, and the doctor examined everything that was needed.