The Beyond Polus photo-whitening procedure takes about 60 minutes. 15-30 minutes is preparation – cleaning the surface of the teeth and applying a protective gel to the gum. Then, the whitening gel is distributed over the teeth and “illuminated” by the apparatus for 10 minutes. After the spent gel is removed. The procedure is repeated three times. The last stage is the finishing of the teeth.


The whitening gel is activated using the Beyond Polus professional cold-color system, which avoids damage to tooth enamel and mucous membranes.


Some whitening devices cause irritation of nerve endings due to overheating of tooth tissues during the procedure. The Beyond Polus lamp is free from such shortcomings, and due to the speed of the procedure – increased tooth sensitivity and pain after the Beyond Polus whitening procedure are either completely absent or minimal.


Only until the end of December you have the opportunity to use the Beyond Polus professional whitening service at a super price of 220 rubles. Make an appointment yourself, or give the procedure to your loved ones.

Quick Result

Teeth whitening is already evident during the procedure, and immediately after the end, its impressive effect is visible. However, the final result stabilizes only after 2 weeks – during this period, the effect can either increase slightly (due to the whitening substances absorbed into the tooth tissue), or slightly decrease as a result of eating coloring products, coffee, strong tea, and smoking cigarettes.

Long Lasting Effect

The result remains for many years, subject to basic hygiene rules, and abstinence from bad habits. The greatest damage to the result is caused by coffee, smoking and strong tea. If you ignore these recommendations, a second procedure may be needed after six months or a year. It is also worthwhile to eat coloring foods with caution.

Preparation for the procedure

Consultation to determine the identification of possible contraindications. You can make an appointment for a consultation with a dentist physician by phone +375 44 545 09 10.

1-7 days before teeth whitening – plaque removal procedure.