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Why is enamel getting dark?

  1. Poor hygiene. If there is no regular brushing and the use of floss is ignored, significant yellowness will appear over time.
  2. Food colors. Passion for colored drinks, wine, coffee leaves its mark.
  3. Pathologies. Diseases of the liver and gall bladder can cause a change in the shade of the smile area. After mechanical injury.
  4. Antibiotics. Long-term use of tetracycline and some other drugs stains teeth in gray, yellow. The coloration is localized either at the roots or in stripes.
  5. Age. The older the person, the thinner the outer layer of the bone. Dentin shines through it, which by nature has a yellowish color.
  6. Nicotine. Tobacco smoking harms the whole body as a whole, but this can be seen with the naked eye in the front elements of the dentition. The top layer darkens and turns yellow.

How does office teeth whitening work?

In Minsk, most clinics perform the operation the same way.

The doctor initially needs to collect information. Namely, to evaluate the initial shade of the workspace on a VITA scale. After that, the cause of the darkening is clarified. All this will be needed to correctly calculate the amount and concentration of bleach applied.

In order to avoid a negative reaction of soft tissues to the chemical composition, a sensitivity test is performed using the GL index.

The next step is cleaning teeth using special equipment: an ultrasound-based plaque remover, special polishing pastes that prevent bone mineralization. In this way, the supragingival and subgingival deposits and the stone are removed. The surface becomes smooth and plaque loses the opportunity to gain a foothold on it.

Office whitening itself is prescribed in 1-2 weeks. The process of this manipulation consists in applying a gel with a high content of hydrogen peroxide (35%) to the teeth. It is on the surface for 20 minutes, after which the catalyst is turned on. Useful properties of a substance are released under the influence of a laser lamp, thermal or light effect. It activates the release of active oxygen, which eliminates the color defect. Previously, all soft tissues of the oral cavity are covered with a protective drug. They must not be chemically exposed. At the end of the procedure, the drug is washed off with water.

The next session is required after at least 5-6 weeks. In case of excessive tooth sensitivity, repetition is not recommended. For owners of fine enamel, experts recommend applying a specialized soothing, pain reliever for a couple of days.

Contraindications to office teeth whitening

  • The presence of artificial or filled teeth. The prosthesis may be damaged by chemical exposure. And to make them white does not work: the materials are indifferent to this kind of effort.
  • Elements of the dentition with microcracks or other damage, with a thin coating.
  • Pregnancy and location period.
  • Allergy to any component of the whitening gel.
  • Increased bleeding gums.
  • Systemic or general diseases of the oral cavity.

After the procedure, some rules should be followed so that a snow-white smile is preserved for a long time. First of all, the doctor will announce some new rules of nutrition. In the early days, you can not drink any coloring drinks and products (coffee, tea, juices, soda, beets, chocolate, wine, etc.). Strict adherence to the basics of oral hygiene is mandatory. If necessary, the dentist will choose a paste and optimal care to maintain the whitening effect. Most likely, you will be advised to periodically resort to home whitening with cap. The result will not be as long as the hardware methods, so it will have to be updated more often.