Most people choose this type of clarification because it is cheaper than clarification using expensive equipment in the clinic. Once you get the kit and then you need to additionally buy only the gel. This method is unique in that you can spend it at home or at work, where it will be convenient for you. It is not necessary to visit the dentist, only if complications are found or you feel discomfort. After 2 applications, you can already see a significant enamel brightening. After completing the entire course, you will notice the result no worse than after using the system Beyond Polus.

Preparation required:

  • A visit to a doctor is a prerequisite. He will determine the next steps.
  • To cure carious elements, to fill in all available holes.
  • Cure all dental diseases, if any.
  • Carry out professional oral hygiene: ultrasonic cleaning of stones and deposits.

Contraindications to home teeth whitening with mouthguards:

  • Systemic diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Nicotine addiction.
  • Thinning of tooth enamel: pathological or age-related. The most suitable option for the elderly.
  • Discolorite – a discoloration of the surface, expressed by brownish-blue spots.
  • Taking enhanced-acting medications.
  • The presence of implants, prostheses and dental restoration.
  • Previous extensive dental treatment or removal of one of them.
  • Open wounds, ulcers on the mucosa.
  • Wearing braces.
  • Young age: not recommended for children under 18 years of age.

What is bleaching done with?

Mouthguards for bleaching are tanks made according to the cast of the patient’s jaw arches. You can buy ready-made ones, but they will not be so comfortable. The active substance is poured inside, which brightens. Then the whole structure is worn on the jaw. The tool is selected taking into account the characteristics of a person: for sensitive and normal teeth.

The speed of manipulation is not very high: the minimum wearing period is 3 weeks. It is necessary to go with a mouthguard from 2 to 8 hours a day, and also leave it overnight. If the tool is made specifically for you, you will not feel any inconvenience or pressure. Consider also that the tool is safe for bone tissue, which can not be said about the gums and mucous membranes: if burned, chemical burns are likely. The main component is hydrogen peroxide or urea, with a concentration of 6-9% or 10-15%, respectively. Immediately after dressing, you need to wipe off the excess with a napkin. As for the bleaching substance itself, then pay attention to the components and carefully read the instructions for use. Abuse will lead to injury and destruction of the coating of the teeth. Even though the effect is mild, it is better to choose products that contain fluoride and calcium for strengthening.

Which whitening tray to choose?

There are three types: standard, thermoplastic, personal. The first type can be purchased at the pharmacy. They have a universal size and are extremely uncomfortable to wear. The latter, before dressing, are dipped in hot water and take the form of a jaw already in the mouth. The third option is the best. It is made in our dental laboratory from quality materials, personally for everyone.

Stages of production of personalized cap:

  1. A cast of both jaws is made.
  2. The dental technician at the laboratory makes a plaster model. Refined taking into account the reservoirs for the gel.
  3. Using a vacuum apparatus, a plastic tank is produced. The material is indifferent to chemical abrasive action, and also quite strong, resistant to mechanical stress. All excess is removed according to the gingival margin.

During the course, and after it, it is worthwhile to reduce the amount of coffee and tea, colored carbonated water and juice, wine. Chocolate and colored sweets will reduce the effectiveness of the technique. Sauces with natural or artificial colors. Some seasonings, such as turmeric, also leave their mark on enamel. The negative effect of smoking on teeth is greatly enhanced during home whitening by mouthguards. The price of fixtures is too high to be wasted. Therefore, give up this bad habit.