Teeth whitening prices in Belarus

The cost of teeth whitening in the clinic “Dudko and Sons” by two methods:

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Photo whitening (two jaws) Beyond Polus discount
from 330

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Before any procedure, a consultation with a doctor is carried out, after which ultrasonic cleaning of the dentition is carried out. This service is not included in the price of teeth whitening in Minsk. It eliminates deposits and stone. Even if you brush your teeth at home daily with a brush, high-quality paste, and by all the rules, you will not be able to get and clean what is removed by the device. The dentist will also discuss with his chronic and acute conditions, assess the degree of darkening, learn about the sensitivity of the coating of bone tissue and mucous membranes. Thus, a clinical map of each client is compiled. The collected data allows you to accurately determine the best option for brightening the dentition.

Contraindications to teeth whitening:

Each method of whitening has its own contraindications, which are agreed in advance by the doctor at the previous consultation.

Are common:

  • Allergic reaction to the components of the whitening composition.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Customer’s minority.
  • Acute infectious diseases in the body.


  • Extensive carious cavities.
  • Naked roots of roots and necks of teeth.
  • Erosion.
  • Gum disease.
  • Defects of enamel: cracks, pathological decline.
  • The presence of artificial implants or dentures.

To prolong the effect, certain rules of nutrition and behavior are mandatory. The recommendations will be voiced by the doctor at the end of the procedure. Basically, it is abstinence from coffee and cigarettes for at least the first month. As well as the rejection of various products with food colors. In the first week you will have to follow a “white” diet: try not to eat dark dishes, such as fried meat, legumes, tea.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Professional methods are divided into office and home. The first is carried out exclusively in the clinic by a specialist. For the second, you will need a kit with which you will whiten your teeth at home. It is best to combine both methods, complement them with each other, and combine them correctly. A snow-white smile from photo-bleaching or exposure to a chemical composition lasts a long time, but from time to time it can be updated with mouthguards. Modern technologies make the process completely painless and as safe as possible. A likely side effect will be an increased susceptibility of enamel to cold and hot after tooth whitening. In Minsk, most clinics use the same materials and equipment, so if you didn’t have such trouble after a session in another center, then you can not be afraid of it with us. The dentist can make a choice between the methods: he will take into account the necessary result, factors of darkening of the upper layer, contraindications and individual characteristics of the patient.

A professional doctor will always warn his patient that tooth whitening may not bring the color that the commercials promise. It is physically impossible to lighten the visible part of the row by 5-7 tones: the VITA dental scale suggests only 4 shades. Getting a change of even 1 ton is worth a lot of effort. The result depends not only on the right methodology, but also on the individual characteristics of the body. Someone’s tooth surface is not so susceptible to bleaching gels and the blue light of a lamp. Most often in this case, it is recommended if you do not repeat the hardware processing, then undergo a course of therapy at home. It is also worth remembering that without proper care, supportive behavior, the effect of a snow-white smile will not last long. Bone tissue is incredibly strong, but the top layer is sensitive and requires special, gentle handling. Smoking, the passion for coffee and colored drinks, food with dyes will nullify all the efforts of the doctor. And of course you can’t neglect daily cleaning. Once every six months you need to come for professional oral hygiene. The cost of teeth whitening is not small, but with the right approach, one trip every 2 years will be enough.

As we have seen, modern dentistry offers a wide variety of methods for whitening tooth enamel. To betray your teeth white color, please contact our clinic “Dudko and Sons”.