To align the dentition, private dentistry in Minsk suggests installing braces at any age by instalments. Orthodontic appliances correct the occlusion during curvature and crowding of teeth, the appearance of cracks after treatment makes the smile perfect. The clinic uses different systems that differ in quality, price, type of fastening. Doctors choose braces in Minsk depending on the occlusion (malocclusion) of the teeth and the financial capabilities of the patients.

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Clinic treatment benefits

If you need to install bracket systems with a quality guarantee, contact our dentistry. Specialists will make fixed orthodontic brackets of different types in individual sizes. We can offer internal (lingual) braces, external vestibular braces made of metal, sapphire, titanium, ceramic, plastic on one and both jaws.

What we guarantee:

  • painlessness of the process;
  • maximum attention of staff;
  • high quality of services;
  • short installation time;
  • adequate cost of braces and the possibility of instalments;
  • even teeth and impeccable smile aesthetics.

A professional approach to the manufacture and fastening of systems eliminates damage to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Using fixed devices, dentists correct the location of the roots in the vestibulooral (towards the cheek) and mesiodistal (from the centre to the edges) directions. After correction of the distal bite, the chin fold disappears. Correction of mesial occlusion returns the beautiful shape of the upper lip. The disappeared open bite solves the problem of oral breathing. How much braces cost you can find out in the clinic’s price list.

What are braces?

The products are made in the form of tiny locks attached to the orthodontic arch and the surface of 6-7 teeth with elastic ligatures. The latches serve as supports for them. For the correct position of the rows and occlusion in the power arcs of different sections, a matrix is ​​laid. They pull their teeth, trying to return to their original form, returning them anatomically correct position.

The displacement process during treatment occurs due to the special structure of the jaw. The roots are attached with connective tissue fibres. When pressure is applied to the wall of the hole, the bone tissue dissolves, and they change position. In its place, a new tissue is growing, holding the incisors and molars in the desired position.

The process takes from 1-3 years. During the treatment period, the patient visits a doctor who changes arcs 3-7 times. First, the orthodontist installs thin and elastic structures, then replaces them with rigid ones from steel. After removing the staples, it is too early to relax. The result is fixed after two years. During this period, the patient wears retainers to stabilize.

Types of braces

Smiles look different depending on the materials of the staples. Some choose a rude metal, other transparent removable liners invisible to others. Teens are often asked to put braces in Minsk with coloured ligatures. Together with elastic bands, it is easy to change the colour of a smile.

Types of braces


Durable brackets have become a classic of orthodontics. Designs are selected due to affordability. Compared with the rest, they are two times cheaper. However, it is difficult to call them aesthetic. If you choose the color of the ligature, then the system looks good. They are reliable, have a small size. Patients quickly get used to them.

Metal braces


Due to the high aesthetics, this option is more often chosen by people in public professions. Products with a polycrystalline grating emit a light shine. There are two types – ligature with fastening to a fixed power arc with elastic bands and self-adjusting with a base inserted into the grooves.

The first is used to correct complex violations of the dentition. The second successfully cope with common anomalies. They are equipped with sliding clamps, which reduce the number of visits to the doctor and simplify oral hygiene. Accordingly, the price of braces with such a function is higher. The systems have a couple of disadvantages – fragility and the ability to stain with food pigments.

Ceramic braces


Ligature and without ligature systems are outwardly similar to the previous ones. However, the single-crystal structure makes them transparent and glare in the light. Synthetic material, although inferior in strength to metal, is much stronger than ceramic. To correct severe curvature, the systems are not used due to friction between the grooves. Unlike metal, both species do not cause an adverse immune response when worn. Sapphire remains transparent throughout the entire time, but it is better to refuse red wine and coffee.

Sapphire braces


Externally, the designs differ little from the previous types. The orthodontist carefully selects the elastic bands for the colour of the enamel, which makes them less noticeable. A wide range of shades is available in orthodontics – from pale yellow to pearl. When using transparent ligatures and arcs, the staples are almost invisible. However, silicon plastic is fragile and subject to wear. Spirit-systems with a metal frame are stronger and more reliable. Colour elastic bands give a pretty look.

Plastic braces


For allergy-prone people, patients with gastrointestinal diseases, orthodontists recommend hypoallergenic titanium staples. The benefits include:

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • excellent shock-absorbing properties.

Systems made of biocompatible with tissues material remove discomfort when wearing braces, improve the quality of treatment. In other respects, they do not differ from analogues, although they are very noticeable when smiling. Self-latching staples do not require fixation. The cost of such braces in Minsk is higher because of the locks that hold the arc.

Titanium braces


This option saves you money. Systems improve aesthetics with sapphires or ceramics in the frontal zone. Distal parts are made with metal brackets, less often with titanium and mounted on molars. Braces are suitable for the correction of severe bite pathologies. However, get used to them for a long time and it is difficult to care for them.

Combined braces


Crowding of teeth and occlusion are corrected with the help of “invisible” designs. They got this name due to the installation on the internal surfaces of permanent teeth for 12-18 months. The arcs are not visible when smiling. Another advantage of lingual-systems is the lack of risk of enamel demineralization. However, there were some shortcomings. After installation, the phonetic pronunciation of individual sounds is difficult, and there are difficulties with hygiene. The cost of invisible braces is higher than the classic types.

Lingual braces

Installation of braces in Minsk

At the preparatory stage, the doctor evaluates the clinical situation, inform the patient about the types of braces. Then it directs to the orthopantomogram and teleroentgenogram to obtain x-rays images to see the location of the roots in the jaw. The doctor performs casts and diagnostic plaster models on them. After analysis, draws up a treatment protocol and discusses it with the patient. Before installation, the dentist performs professional cleaning of the oral cavity, and only then does the orthodontist get to work.

  1. At the beginning of the process, it fixes the construction that isolates the teeth from the lips.
  2. The doctor applies photopolymer material, which prepares the crown for fixing the system, distributes glue with a special primer.
  3. For fasteners, fixes an arc on each unit, sets it with ligatures. When using a self-regulating system, it only closes the cap in the bracket.
  4. Having glued all braces on all teeth, it connects together with a wide arc.

This is the end of the process. It usually takes 30-90 minutes. During the period of getting used to the installed braces, diction temporarily suffers, but after a couple of weeks, the speech is almost restored.

Installation of braces in Minsk

Care for braces

To prevent unsticking, orthopedists recommend:

  • brush your teeth immediately, moving away from the table;
  • use irrigators, flosses, brushes, rinses;
  • discard sticky and stretching products;
  • exclude nuts, crackers, other solid foods from the menu.

Hard meat, fruits and vegetables should be cut into pieces and only then put in your mouth. In case of breakdown, displacement, immediately consult a doctor.

What you should know before installing

Patients with periodontal tissue diseases need to be treated by a periodontist. Depulled and teeth with defects in enamel are brittle. During installation, chipped tops, mechanical injuries of the crown are possible. Patients with a pronounced distal or mesial bite should first visit a dental surgeon. For problems with the temporomandibular joint undergo examination. Aligning the dentition by correcting the position of the bones in half the cases improves the function of the masticatory muscles.

How much are?

In Minsk dentistry, the price of braces depends on a diagnostic examination, a clinical case, the frequency of arc correction, and cost job. Orthodontists are ready to offer customers, different models. They will suit people with modest material resources and an unlimited budget:

  • The price of lingual braces is 1 255-1600 BYN.
  • The average cost of vestibular systems is 965 BYN.

We treat patients with attention and do everything to solve problems with teeth. We provide instalments and discounts when installing fixed orthodontic appliances on both jaws.

Before and after photos

Installation of braces: before and after photos

The procedure is carried out by doctors:

Храменкова Алена Любомировна

Храменкова Алена Любомировна