The cost of bite correction in Minsk

In the table below you will find the prices for children’s and adult orthodontics in Minsk.
The final cost of orthopedic treatment is the most difficult to predict due to its very long duration. The numbers shown here will vary greatly not only from the selected materials, brand, physical characteristics and clinical picture, but also simply from the economic situation in the country on the day of calculation.

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As a result, the jaw bones of a modern person are not sufficiently developed, and the teeth have remained the same size and it becomes crowded. There are congenital reasons: for example, a person has fewer teeth than it should be, they “scatter” along the jaw, and wide ugly crevices form between them. External factors include exposure to adverse environmental factors, artificial feeding of children, and many other reasons.

Crooked teeth and malocclusion can cause psychological problems in communication, adversely affect the fate of a person. But even if the psychological “complex of crooked teeth” is overcome, the problems that they cause cannot be solved by themselves. Bite diseases exacerbate the course of gum disease, provoke the development of caries due to the impossibility of adequate hygiene, lead to rapid abrasion of teeth, make it difficult and sometimes impossible, dental prosthetics.

But the most dangerous thing is that they can lead to the development of dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint – the most complex joint in the human body. Unlike other joints, capable of performing movements in two directions, the temporomandibular, due to the complexity of its design, can perform movements in three directions. Any changes in it are difficult to correct. Decide on the need for treatment based on existing functional or cosmetic disorders.