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Danger of periodontitis

The danger is primarily infection and, as a result, degenerative changes in the deep layers of the periodontium and the soft layer of the jaw bones.

The formation of purulent inflammation requires a constant release of the resulting fluid, which causes the presence of an unpleasant odor. The outflow of pus most often passes imperceptibly through the root canals, but it can also occur through an open fistula in the gum. Violation of the outflow of this fluid provokes an increase in cysts and increased pain. The growth of a purulent sac can be accelerated during a decrease in immunity as a result of colds, stress, or taking certain medications.

Under its pressure from a growing purulent sac, the loose upper layer of bone tissue is destroyed, which causes tooth mobility. The size of this neoplasm can reach 5 centimeters and sometimes cause a jaw fracture.

As already mentioned, the transition of periodontitis to a chronic form is fraught with the loss of several teeth. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, it is urgent to visit a dentist.

Healing process

The treatment of periodontitis in dentistry is a rather long process and depends on the stage and severity of the disease. In a general sense, the process of treating periodontitis of a tooth consists in eliminating the infection as a source of pain, as well as the cause of its spread – endodontic treatment, and subsequent aesthetic restoration of the crown.

Fibrous periodontitis

At the stage of fibrous periodontitis, when the disease is still asymptomatic and painless, attacks of aching pain are only episodic and pass quickly. For diagnosis, an x-ray is needed, which will show an increased distance between the root and its alveoli. Treatment at this stage is likely to be limited to medication. After the x-ray, the doctor will conduct a visual examination, identify the causes of the spread of the infection and prescribe concomitant treatment (pulp and canals) and the necessary drugs.

Granulating periodontitis

Treatment of granulating periodontitis will no longer be so easy. Always felt moderate pain with strong compression or chewing indicates the appearance of hilar granulomas and cysts filled with pus. Their removal is carried out through a prepared root (endodontic treatment of periodontitis) or a surgical hole in the gum. Followed by:

  • drainage of purulent fluid;
  • cleaning and treatment of root canals;
  • antiseptic treatment;
  • seal installation;
  • prescribing painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Granulomatous periodontitis

This stage of periodontitis is accompanied by the almost complete disappearance of pain, characteristic of the initial stage of the disease. This is due to a decrease in pressure on the overgrown granulomas due to a significant loss of bone tissue.

Most often, unfortunately, at this stage, most surgeons will recommend tooth extraction due to extensive damage to the alveolus, preventing effective treatment of the infection. After extraction, the hole will be cleaned from the affected tissues and its antiseptic treatment.

After the end of the observation period and in the absence of re-development of periodontitis, an assessment of the treatment is carried out and orthopedic treatment is prescribed in order to restore the integrity of the dentition.

A dental surgeon can remove the cyst and resect the damaged root from the side of the gum without resorting to tooth extraction. But such operations are performed only by the most experienced specialists, and besides, they are quite expensive, since they require filling the cavity formed from the cyst with bone substitutes using membrane materials. In our dentistry, a first-class surgeon, of the highest medical category, with more than ten years of medical practice and experience of thousands of similar operations – Elovoy Yaroslav .

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