To carry out the procedure of tooth fluoridation, dentists advise about 1 time per year. In some cases, more often, it all depends on individual characteristics.

95% of tooth enamel consists of various minerals, the main of which are calcium and fluorine. The lack of these substances is visible to the naked eye: teeth become more susceptible to caries, microcracks appear and the enamel darkens. In some cases, the surface of the teeth becomes lumpy or rough. The process of leaching calcium and fluoride from dental tissues is called demineralization and is found in 75% of people on the planet. But there is an opportunity to stop these destruction – to carry out the procedure of fluoridation of teeth.

Fluoridation of teeth is prescribed for:

  • Enamel fortifications.
  • Eliminate tooth sensitivity.
  • Extend the life of existing seals.


  • A large number of supragingival yellow deposits.
  • Recovery after wearing braces.
  • Children over 6 years of age as a preventative measure.
  • Past gum disease.
  • Pregnancy. Calcium takes the child to the formation of the skeleton. There are frequent cases of loss of elements of the dentition during the period of gestation.

contraindications include only the individual intolerance of some components of the strengthening composition. It is recommended to heal all cavities before the procedure. Be sure to treat all problem areas before the procedure. The cost of fluoridation of the teeth will pay off due to the long absence of problems in the oral cavity.

Fluoridation steps:

  1. Oral hygiene.
  2. Teeth cleaning. Before the procedure, the dentist thoroughly cleans the surface of the teeth with a special brush and toothpaste.
  3. Tooth drying. Thorough drying of the teeth is an important stage of the procedure, the slightest hit of saliva can negate all the efforts of the doctor. Then cover the entire oral surface with cotton rolls.
  4. Directly fluoridation. Using a brush, a thin layer is applied to the tooth enamel varnish for fluoridation of the teeth. If gel is used, then it is applied to the “spoon” and applied to the teeth for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Dry thoroughly. The drug should completely dry on the teeth. Then the rollers are removed.

After the procedure, the dentist, as a rule, advises not to drink or eat within 1 hour after fluoridation.