Tooth treatment process

Professional dental treatment in the Minsk clinic Dudko and sons

Most dental treatments in our dentistry follow the same scenario. After you contact the clinic, you will be assigned the time of your visit. Upon arrival at the clinic, you put on shoe covers, disinfect your hands and you will be given a card. Next, you will go to the office. After examining the oral cavity, the therapist will tell you about the methods of treatment available in your case and will conduct a survey on the subject of chronic diseases and allergies to anesthetics. Having recorded the data obtained as a result of the examination and your answers in the program, you will receive dental treatment according to the agreed method. Upon completion of which you will pay for it at the cash desk and receive a Check and Certificate of Completion.

Pain after treatment

Most dental patients experience pain of varying intensity after dental treatment. How long it will last depends on the individual characteristics of each organism and the individual pain threshold. Some people do not need anesthesia even when removing nerves, while others need a combination of two different ways of using it in order for the treatment to pass without pain.

Freezing usually resolves within one to two hours after surgery.

It is completely normal to experience pain for three to four hours after treatment. If, however, it does not go away or intensifies even after 5 hours, is not aching, but twitching, aggravated by tremors or walking, or the cheek is swollen after treatment, it may be necessary to take action. Take one of the pain relievers recommended by your dentist and wait one hour for it to take effect. If the intensity increases further, call the clinic.

How long you can eat

A ban on food, drink, smoking and alcohol for some time after dental treatment is associated with the need to avoid infection of open wounds. Most often, this is typical for extraction, but simple dental treatment can also be associated with working in the gum pockets and damaging them. In order not to infect an infection, it is advisable to refrain from drinking for an hour; from food for two hours; but from smoking and alcohol during the day, as they change the pressure, which can provoke either a slow formation of a blood clot or excessive bleeding in the wound.

Dental treatment for pregnant women

It is well known that the mother’s immunity is weakened during pregnancy – this is necessary for the successful bearing of the child, as well as the fact that the state of health of the expectant mother directly affects the development of the child in her. And although the situation is ideal when a pregnancy is planned and dental treatment is carried out before conception, cases of such preparation are quite rare. Therefore, when the need to visit the dentist has arisen, here are our recommendations:

  • Do not miss scheduled dental check-ups in order to timely and safely respond to possible dental problems.
  • During the first trimester (up to the 13th week), carry out only emergency treatment of acute pain that threatens intoxication.
  • In the second trimester (14-25 weeks), dental treatment can be performed, the condition of which may worsen in the later stages.
  • In the third trimester, it is only necessary to immediately neutralize the foci of pain, which can worsen the already restless state of the mother.

Breastfeeding is not a contraindication for dental treatment and the use of modern anesthetics.

Is it possible to play sports after dental treatment

During the day after dental treatment, it is better to refrain from playing sports. Again, everything depends on the type of procedure being performed and the amount of anesthetic applied.

We strive to make first-class dental care available to all patients. For this, special programs, corporate discounts and promotions are organized. Prices for the services of the clinic “Dudko and Sons” are always justified.

Feedbacks all feedbacks

Сергей Понченко
Sergey Ponchenko
Dental prosthetics
Thank you for your work. And for my saved teeth.
Попала случайно, по совету друзей. Но осталась очень довольна.
I got here by accident, on the advice of friends. But I was delighted. Nobody has set a dental filling so neatly to me. Many thanks to the staff. Recommend.
Вылечили оперативно, качественно.
There was caries in neglected form, teeth ached greatly. Me cured promptly, efficiently. Doctor Immediately puting a three seals on teeth, cleaned everything inside as it should. The doctor is patient, accurate. Thank you so much.
Ольга Кучера
Olga Kuchera
Я хожу только в эту клинику.
I do fissure sealing once every half a year. I go only to this clinic. Firstly, it is located in the centre which is very convenient. And secondly, very experienced doctors work there. I go there myself and drive the whole family.
Victoria K.
До того лечилась в бесплатной поликлинике
My teeth have always been difficult. Mostly I treated them in my clinic - for free. In general - a bunch of teeth already with removed nerves. What happens to the teeth without food, naturally, no one told me anything. There are a lot of seals - 9 pieces and they crumble in turn and require replacement. In order not to go to the dentist so often, I decided to go to normal dentistry. According to the reviews, I chose "Dudko and Sons" and so far I have never regretted it. My therapist is Pavel Anatolyevich Pazhlakov. An excellent specialist and patient person. I definitely advise you to contact us!
Irina K.
Feedback from a regular customer
I have been applying to this clinic only for three years now. During this time: I removed three wisdom teeth here, put two fillings and once did occupational hygiene and whitening, twice underwent a preventive examination. The level of service and the result of treatment cannot even be compared with conventional dentistry. I think everyone who has ever treated teeth in a free clinic will understand me. Maybe for some this is nonsense, but the offered coffee, the opportunity to call without any problems and a call from the clinic with confirmation of the appointment time made in advance - all this attentive attitude to the patient means to me no less than the prices.