Цены на лечение зубов в Минске

Самостоятельная оценка без профессионального осмотра не дает определить конечную стоимость лечения. Только проведя осмотр с применением специальных инструментов и методов диагностики врач сможет перечислить количество поврежденных зубов определить степень повреждения и огласить Вам очередность необходимого лечения. После этого Вы сами решите на какой тип лечения и в каком объёме согласиться.

Вид услуги Цена
Treatment of a tooth (First)
50 - 130
Light cured composite fillings
Fissure sealing
Treatment of a tooth (Second)
90 - 170
Teeth bonding with glass fiber tape
Pulpitis, periodontitis
Remineralizing application
Tartar Removal
Professional oral hygiene
Removal operation exostosis
from 60
Primary surgical treatment of flux

30 USD★★★★★The cost is affected by: the degree of destruction of dental tissues, the number of affected, the type of filling material, and also the need for additional procedures.

92 USD★★★★★The main task of splinting is to stabilize moving teeth and prevent their loss.

15 USD★★★★The procedure is aimed at sealing the recesses formed on the chewing teeth. Treatment is also carried out on milk teeth.

70 USD★★★★★Conducting operations aimed at the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis.

25 USD★★★★★Caries treatment is carried out in several stages. Cost is affected by the neglect of the case and the scale of the procedure.

Dental treatment in Minsk in Dudko & Sons dentistry is carried out using expensive professional equipment. For example, both therapeutic rooms of our center are equipped with American A-DEC systems. Installations include comfortable chairs, an ergonomic arrangement of instruments for convenient work of the dentist, without fatigue and decrease in efficiency.

In the treatment of deep carious cavities, laser diagnostics are used with the Diagnocam apparatus: secondary caries is detected during a diagnostic examination, and potentially dangerous enamel microcracks are detected. X-ray irradiation is minimized, as are the errors typical for images. Our experts apply the best technical solutions for prompt care to patients.

Feedbacks all feedbacks

Сергей Понченко
Sergey Ponchenko
Dental prosthetics
Thank you for your work. And for my saved teeth.
Попала случайно, по совету друзей. Но осталась очень довольна.
I got here by accident, on the advice of friends. But I was delighted. Nobody has set a dental filling so neatly to me. Many thanks to the staff. Recommend.
Вылечили оперативно, качественно.
There was caries in neglected form, teeth ached greatly. Me cured promptly, efficiently. Doctor Immediately puting a three seals on teeth, cleaned everything inside as it should. The doctor is patient, accurate. Thank you so much.
Ольга Кучера
Olga Kuchera
Я хожу только в эту клинику.
I do fissure sealing once every half a year. I go only to this clinic. Firstly, it is located in the centre which is very convenient. And secondly, very experienced doctors work there. I go there myself and drive the whole family.
Victoria K.
До того лечилась в бесплатной поликлинике
My teeth have always been difficult. Mostly I treated them in my clinic - for free. In general - a bunch of teeth already with removed nerves. What happens to the teeth without food, naturally, no one told me anything. There are a lot of seals - 9 pieces and they crumble in turn and require replacement. In order not to go to the dentist so often, I decided to go to normal dentistry. According to the reviews, I chose "Dudko and Sons" and so far I have never regretted it. My therapist is Pavel Anatolyevich Pazhlakov. An excellent specialist and patient person. I definitely advise you to contact us!
Irina K.
Feedback from a regular customer
I have been applying to this clinic only for three years now. During this time: I removed three wisdom teeth here, put two fillings and once did occupational hygiene and whitening, twice underwent a preventive examination. The level of service and the result of treatment cannot even be compared with conventional dentistry. I think everyone who has ever treated teeth in a free clinic will understand me. Maybe for some this is nonsense, but the offered coffee, the opportunity to call without any problems and a call from the clinic with confirmation of the appointment time made in advance - all this attentive attitude to the patient means to me no less than the prices.