Prices for dental microscopy in Minsk

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Acute pain

Pain relief and temporary filling

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На сайте размещены ориентировочные цены. Точная стоимость лечения рассчитывается на основании данных пациента и составленного плана лечения.
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A dental microscope is necessary for:

  • retreatment of dental canals;
  • primary treatment of canals with atypical structure;
  • removal of exostoses, cystectomy with or without root resection;
  • treatment of pulpitis and deep caries;
  • during implantation.

Treatment under a microscope allows our doctors to receive such feedback as the one that Olga left us:

My lower jaw hurt terribly, I couldn’t stand it, analgesics didn’t help, I couldn’t even determine which tooth hurts because of the pain. I went to my family dentistry, where I have been going for many years. They looked, poked around, removed the filling, inserted it again, took a picture and said – drink painkillers, if it swells – go cut the gums, we can’t help anything else, and let me go home with the same pain. Another day I climbed the walls from pain, antibiotics and painkillers did not help. On Sunday (there are few good dental clinics) I came to the Dudko and Sons Center due to acute pain. The doctor on duty Lukashevich V.V. worked. He looked for a long time, checking in different ways where the pain came from and what was wrong with me, while I lay, roared and prayed that he would find the cause. And he found! Some kind of micro-thing found a micro crack to the nerve! He put the medicine and said after 5 days just go to any clinic, remove the nerve and seal the canal. Of course, the doctor is peculiar, not courtesy itself, as usual in other places they are forced to lick clients, but the doctor is from God! Half an hour later I was crying with happiness that 4 days of hellish pain had passed, thanks to the persistent search for the mysterious cause of unbearable pain. And who doesn’t like doctors who do quality work, but who try to please you – go where you are licked, it’s not a fact that there will be a result. Many thanks to Lukashevich, I ask the leadership to personally convey gratitude to him for restoring the painless comfort of my life!

Процесс лечения пациентки под микроскопом доктором Пажлаковым Павлом Анатольевичем

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