Advantages of CT over other diagnostic methods

  1. With standard radiography or orthopantomography, a single planar and summation image of the object obtained. With computed tomography, a three-dimensional object thoroughly scanned.
  2. A regular shot is a static two-dimensional image. It can be viewed on a negatoscope or using the “videography” program, but it is already impossible to look at an object from a different angle or in a different projection – this requires repeated diagnostics. In turn, a 3D image of the teeth is an exact copy of the entire scanned area and, already in the absence of the patient, the specialist can examine the object of interest to him from any angle.
  3. An x-ray is a summation image in which all parts located in series superimposed on each other. CT is a section of tissue of an object with a thickness from fractions of a millimetre to several millimetres, drawn randomly at a given location.
  4. When conducting an X-ray examination, projection distortion of an object arises in magnitude or configuration, which can lead to errors in image interpretation. When computed tomography, the objective is scanned almost “one to one”, which eliminates this type of distortion in the process of reconstructing a three-dimensional image and obtaining a slice.

Equipment for CT scans

Technically, every modern tomograph consists of a three-dimensional scanner and a computer. A standard general medical scanner (tomograph) is a table on which the patient located, and a gantry is a scanning device in the form of a ring through which the table with the patient moves. Fourth-generation machines already carry up to one and a half thousand detectors in the aperture, and the most modern spiral ones – 5000 and more.

Spiral and multislice CT of teeth

With a spiral 3D tooth image, it is no longer a series of scans at different levels, but one run of the cut in a spiral with a specific pitch of feeding the table into the aperture.

The pinnacle of the development of spiral tomography was the emergence of multislice CT. In this case, not one spiral cut made, but immediately 4, 16 or more with a detector size of 0.5 mm (respectively, a resolution of 2 pairs of lines per mm).

Create 3D teeth image

The process is as follows:

  • the emitter works continuously, information is read from the sensor several times per second;
  • the received data processed in a computer, and a virtual three-dimensional (3D) model of the scanned area restored;
  • three-dimensional reform is “cut” into layers in the form of axial sections of a certain thickness;
  • each layer saved in the computer memory as a file in the DICOM format.

Despite the broadest diagnostic possibilities, until recently, 3D dental images as a diagnostic method were rarely used in dentistry. That was mostly due to the general not too high diagnostic requests of dentists, and image quality insufficient for the needs of therapeutic dentistry.

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Alina Redko
All my teeth are like new !!!
I want to express my gratitude! I chose your dentistry based on positive reviews on the Internet. I liked that you have a convenient location, girls administrators are always in a good mood, polite and professional doctors. My teeth are as good as new !!! Special thanks to doctors Alexander Pashuk and Pavel Pazhlakov!
Anastasia – Review of the extraction of teeth
Removal of a tooth under a crown, removal of a wisdom tooth
I want to thank Dr. Yelovoy Y.M. for his high professionalism and competence, confident and skilled work, and a reasonable approach. Even the difficult extraction of a tooth with a crown and a wisdom tooth on the same side went smoothly. I am glad that I was advised to turn to him, and I will also recommend him. I wish him many grateful patients and continued success in his work!
Veronika Koppek – Review of Dental Prosthetics
Dental Prosthetics at 66 y.o.
I entrusted you with the most precious person to me - my mother. It was very difficult to find a solution to restore teeth at the age of 66 without harming her health. Rustam Mehtiev coped with this task 100%. Thank you very much not only for your professionalism, but also for your humane attitude. It is thanks to you that my mother is smiling again and not ashamed of her smile. Thank you for standing up for the aesthetics of prosthetics.
Anna – Feedback on the treatment of periodontitis
Treatment of periodontitis
I have visited your clinic not for the first time, and each time I have had good impressions from the visit. I express my great gratitude to Dr. Pavel Anatolyevich Pajlakov; his professional and individual approach is felt. I am grateful for the preservation of my tooth, for the careful work and attentive attitude, as well as for explaining in detail what and how he was doing. There are few such specialists now. Also, thanks to the clinic administration for their polite attitude. I sincerely wish your clinic prosperity! I will recommend you to my acquaintances. Sincerely, Anna.
I put a seal on my front tooth here. The doctor did everything in the best possible way, no pain and other discomfort. Satisfied with everyone.
Inessa – Feedback on implantation
I had an implant installed
I am probably one of the oldest 😊 clients of this clinic. I had an implant installed. It was so long ago that I don't even remember, maybe 12 or 15 years ago.... The founder Alexander Sergeevich performed the installation. To this day, the implant is strong and "healthy", although some are skeptical of them. I went online to see if the clinic still exists and was very happy to see that it does and is thriving. And so many positive reviews. Keep it up! Perhaps we'll meet again! 😉😊
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