Prices for implantation in case of bone tissue atrophy in Minsk

The cost of full prosthetics on implants for edentulous All-on-4 and All-on-6 systems

Вид услуги Цена
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 13 980
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Osstem implants (South Korea)

4 implants with temporary prosthetics and surgery.

from 8800
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Nobel Biocare implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 14 220
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 16 650
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Osstem implants (South Korea)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 11 990
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Nobel Biocare implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 16 480
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Features of prosthetics for atrophy

Due to the ability to withstand heavy loads, the jaws function normally. During chewing, blood flow and metabolic processes improve, nutrients enter the tissues in sufficient quantities. After tooth loss, pressure is redistributed, blood circulation locally worsens. This happens with inflammatory diseases that destroy the ligaments, supporting the roots. Also, they systemically affect the teeth.

The entire jaw is affected by the degenerative process. Most of all, due to resorption, the upper alveolar process in the bottom and lateral regions of the maxillary sinuses suffers. It thins in height, which makes it impossible to carry out classical implantation. This forces implant surgeons to look for alternative solutions or to perform an additional operation to form a bed for the pin.

Implantation in our center consists of 6 steps:

  • sanitation of the oral cavity;
  • 3D modelling of the process;
  • surgical procedures;
  • the formation of a smooth gingival cuff;
  • installation of abutments for fixing crowns;
  • casting, making and fixing crowns and prostheses.

Dental implant installation steps

Dental implants at atrophy of bone tissue

What does bone atrophy lead to?

The degenerative process does not pass without a trace for the gums. In addition to problems with implantation, there are:

  1. Changing the relief of the gums: the upper rises, the lower sags.
  2. Deterioration of appearance. The drooping of the lips and cheeks, the omission of the corners makes a face asymmetric and increases age.
  3. The teeth are shifted towards the hole and become crooked. This is fraught with functional disorders during chewing, worsening of the bite.
  4. The lack of units in front negatively affects speech and causes discomfort when communicating.

Solutions without bone augmentation

Since osteoplasty is a traumatic and expensive method that delays prosthetics with a fixed prosthesis, the clinic offers innovative systems with instant loading protocols.

The implantation of 4 pins determines All-on-4 technology: 2 are mounted vertically, two on the sides at 45º slopes. The method allows implantation in patients with moderate jaw resorption. The primary prosthesis is inserted depending on the condition of the soft tissues – on the 1-3rd day.

The all-on-6 protocol is identical to the previous one, only six single-piece or two-piece pins with multi-unit abutments are used for installation. Two of them are fixed in front, four in the distal section and place of the molars.

“Zygoma” zygomatic implantation is a way out for people with full adentia. The protocol provides for the installation of 6 cm screws through the jaw with fastening in the zygomatic bone, which is not amenable to thinning. In the absence of limitation, a permanent prosthesis is immediately placed.

The cost of implantation

System name Cost, BYN
All-on-6 (Switzerland) – the entire jaw on six implants with work and a prosthesis 12 786
All-on-4 Nobel (Switzerland) – the entire jaw on four implants with work and a prosthesis 10 480
All-on-6 (Korea) – the entire jaw on six implants with work and a prosthesis 6 917
All-on-4 MegaGen (Korea) – the entire jaw on four implants with work and a prosthesis 6 288
All-on-4 Straumann (Switzerland) (Pro-Arch) – the entire jaw on four implants with work and a prosthesis 9 500
All-on-6 (Israel) – the entire jaw on six implants with work and a prosthesis 6 288
All-on-4 AlphaBio (Israel) – the entire jaw on four implants with work and a prosthesis 5 974

One-stage basal implantation prices are 30% lower due to reduced workload and time savings. The expert equipment of the centre and the extensive practice of doctors allow the operation to be performed at a high level. Specialists give a guarantee for work and materials.

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Liudmila Mitsevich
Имплантация зубов
I want to express my gratitude and many thanks to the entire staff of the clinic. Very positive, attentive and friendly attitude at all stages of service. Dr. Mehdiyev Ruslan Salmanovich just saved me the train and the mood. And the surgeon Elova Yaroslav Mikhailovich, who was involved in the removal and implantation, was very attentive to my situation, offered a sparing option and very professionally conducted the operation. As usual it was. Thanks also to the assistant doctors for their sensitive attitude. This includes all dental issues.
Мартина Зауэр
Martina Sauer
Имплантация зубов
I want to thank the staff of the Dudko & Sons clinic for their sensitive attitude to patients. I would also like to thank the dental surgeon Elovy Yaroslav for the professionalism and high-quality installation of the implant. Thank you very much to the administration of the center for organizing my stay in Belarus.
Первое же посещение убедило нас в том, что мы не ошиблись с выбором.
Quite by chance stumbled upon a clinic website on the Internet. We read the reviews and decided to contact them. The first visit convinced us that we were not mistaken with the choice. Competent expert advice, very comfortable atmosphere, and the location is excellent. Before implantation, a small additional examination was performed, CT was done. An implantation of two chewing teeth was done. The installation operation itself took about an hour and a half. Then they just installed a crown. The doctor worked perfectly, and false teeth can not be distinguished from real ones. Bravo. Thanks for the work.
Анна П.
Anna P.
Не отличишь от настоящих
Restored almost a whole dentition. 6 teeth in a row. The doctor did an excellent job. Can't tell from the real ones. How happy I am that you can forget about the prosthesis and feel free to smile). Thanks!!!
Очень долго искал клинику и в итоге пришёл в Дудко и сыновья по совету знакомых.
After an unsuccessful tooth extraction, the bone began to “sag”, since I did not immediately replace the tooth. I had to resort to this technique. It was very scary, and I read a lot of negative reviews that in the case of neglect by a doctor, the consequences will be catastrophic. For a very long time, I was looking for a clinic, and as a result, I came to "Dudko and sons" on the advice of friends. I did not regret it; the doctors here are really professionals. They corrected the situation, installed the implant. Thanks
Елена К.
Elena K.
В результате решила остановить свой выбор на клинике «Дудко и сыновья» и не прогадала.
I brought the tooth to such a state that implantation was needed. I chose the clinic for a long time, read reviews, and asked friends. As a result, I decided to opt for the "Dudko & Sons" clinic and did not lose. I not only got a proper consultation, but the whole process of tooth implantation was less painful than I expected. At first, the new tooth did cause not much discomfort, but soon became like my own. Thanks to the doctors for the work done.