How much does it cost to implant all teeth?

Our center offers dental constructions of various types and costs. The choice of the future protocol is discussed with you during the first consultation, based on the condition of your oral health, the volume and height of your gums, and your preferences.

The cost of “turnkey” implantation of all teeth is influenced by: the chosen method of restoration, the brand of the implant, and the material of the crowns. You can find all the prices of our dentistry Here. Schedule an appointment right now, and we will restore your lost smile.

Вид услуги Цена
Full removable denture
from 800
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Osstem implants (South Korea)

4 implants with temporary prosthetics and surgery.

from 12000
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Osstem implants (South Korea)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Straumann implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 19000

На сайте размещены ориентировочные цены. Точная стоимость лечения рассчитывается на основании данных пациента и составленного плана лечения.
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Prolonged absence of load due to the loss of all teeth leads to significant changes in the shape of the patient’s face and increases the duration and cost of treatment. Forced refusal of solid food can cause gastrointestinal diseases and lead to a deficiency of many vitamins and microelements.

Restoring all teeth is an important aspect of our work. At the “Dudko and Sons” clinic, we offer a wide range of high-quality methods of tooth implantation, using modern and proven techniques.

Methods of restoring all teeth

1. Classic removable dentures (“removable frogs”) – these dentures, despite obvious inconveniences, successfully perform their function and allow millions of people to lead a full life.

Removable denture manufactured at Dudko and Sons Dental Center in Minsk

2. Implant-supported crowns – the most comprehensive option for replacing missing teeth. It applies point loads to the spongy layer of the jaw, preventing resorption processes and providing a long-term effect.

Crown on an implant at Dudko and Sons Dental Center in Minsk

3. Dental bridges – a combined method of restoring teeth that allows reducing the budget for edentulism treatment by reducing the number of implants.

Bridges on implants at Dudko and Sons Dental Center in Minsk

4. Bar-retained dentures – an economical method with fixation of the prosthesis on several titanium pins, providing strength and durability.

Bar-retained denture on implants at Dudko and Sons Dental Center in Minsk

5. Fixed prostheses on implants – Nobel Biocare and Straumann systems provide stability and reliability without the need for gum buildup. The Trefoil system for the lower jaw and the Zygomatic system for the upper jaw with critical bone loss are also available.

Installation of a lower jaw prosthesis on four implants in Minsk, Swiss Nobel implants serve as support.

We provide modern methods of restoring all teeth, taking into account the specific needs of each patient, and providing the optimal solution for their unique requirements.

Schedule an appointment or consult with us today to restore a healthy and beautiful smile!

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Alina Redko
All my teeth are like new !!!
I want to express my gratitude! I chose your dentistry based on positive reviews on the Internet. I liked that you have a convenient location, girls administrators are always in a good mood, polite and professional doctors. My teeth are as good as new !!! Special thanks to doctors Alexander Pashuk and Pavel Pazhlakov!
Alexey Toporin
Of course I recommend Dudko & Sons for your dental needs.
Life has decreed that I have visited dentists 45-50 times in 30 years. Was in Russian, Turkish, Polish, American and Lithuanian clinics. I wore braces, put an implant, put crowns, fillings, inlays, did bone grafting and much more. I do not know what I have not tried in the list of dental services. In general, I have already learned to understand clinics, materials, personnel and their services. I can say with confidence that the Dudko and Sons clinic is one of the best clinics in the world. The staff are friendly and professional. Work with the most advanced materials and suppliers. The clinic is very clean and pleasant to be there. The prices are the most reasonable. In Minsk, this is the most adequate place where you can get repairs at an affordable cost. Bottom line: of course I recommend Dudko and Sons for your dental needs.