Prices for dental treatment in Minsk

The cost of immediate implantation is lower due to the reduction in bone grafting costs, but can vary widely depending on the implant brand and materials used, as well as the type of crown being placed. For your understanding of how much more expensive treatment will cost if bone augmentation is necessary, we have added the cost of consumables for this procedure to the table.

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from 20
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Osstem implants (South Korea)

4 implants with temporary prosthetics and surgery.

from 12000
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Osstem implants (South Korea)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Straumann implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 19000

На сайте размещены ориентировочные цены. Точная стоимость лечения рассчитывается на основании данных пациента и составленного плана лечения.
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Three types of simultaneous implantation

There are three main techniques that differ in their cost and aesthetics during implant healing.

Simultaneous implantation with a temporary crown

The technique is used when restoring a tooth in the smile area, so that the gap does not embarrass the patient during healing. A temporary plastic tooth is selected and adjusted by an orthopedist from ready-made kits (most often from Yamaguchi) and is attached to the implant through a standard abutment. Plastic is not able to provide the proper appearance and correctly distribute the load on the entire prosthesis, therefore, it must be replaced in a timely manner with a ceramic or ceramic-metal crown so as not to break the abutment or implant and spoil all the work already done.

Simultaneous Implantation with Healing Abutment

The gingiva former is a smooth cylindrical cap screwed into the implant hole and serves to form a “nest” from the gingival mucosa where the crown will later fit. It protects the surgical site from the development of infection and avoids re-injury during the installation of the crown (no need to cut out part of the already fused gum for an artificial tooth).

Simultaneous implantation with gum closure

The cheapest, but also the most painful option for immediate implantation. In this case, only a small cap closes the implant hole, which the surgeon sews tightly under the gum. After 3-4 months, the gum is cut again and a crown is placed in place of the lid, around which the gum is again sewn up. This technique is often used to save money in the absence of a large number of teeth in the chewing area.

Simultaneous Implantation Procedure

The one-stage treatment is divided into two stages and in the first stage it usually takes from 3 to 7 days – up to the installation of a temporary crown. The operation takes place in several steps:


At the first appointment, a visual examination, analysis of computed tomography images (images can be taken right at our clinic before the appointment), a conversation with the patient and drawing up a plan with the calculation of the cost of treatment.

On the second and subsequent, all contraindications, if any, are eliminated. it is impossible to prevent the rejection of the implant from getting into the open wound of the infection. Bad teeth are removed, caries is treated, cleaning is carried out.

Installation of implants

After removing the obstacles for implantation, the surgeon cuts the gum, prepares the implant site with surgical drills of different diameters and profiles, and screws it into place using a special force control tool. Next, the implant is closed with a cap or shaper and sutured. When choosing a method with the installation of a temporary crown, the orthopedist screws a system of transfers into the implant and takes impressions for the manufacture of a temporary crown, which is installed after its preparation (usually on the third day).

Installing a permanent prosthesis

After 3-4 months, you will visit the clinic again two or three times to take impressions and install a permanent crown.


  • Lack of bone volume for implant placement;
  • Complicated tooth extraction or its fragments in the socket;
  • Untreated inflammation, granulomas, cysts;
  • General and temporary restrictions on surgical intervention:
    • Bruxism;
    • Gum and blood diseases;
    • Decompensated diabetes mellitus;
    • Oncological diseases;
    • Sinusitis (with fixation in the zygomatic bone);

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Alexey Toporin
Of course I recommend Dudko & Sons for your dental needs.
Life has decreed that I have visited dentists 45-50 times in 30 years. Was in Russian, Turkish, Polish, American and Lithuanian clinics. I wore braces, put an implant, put crowns, fillings, inlays, did bone grafting and much more. I do not know what I have not tried in the list of dental services. In general, I have already learned to understand clinics, materials, personnel and their services. I can say with confidence that the Dudko and Sons clinic is one of the best clinics in the world. The staff are friendly and professional. Work with the most advanced materials and suppliers. The clinic is very clean and pleasant to be there. The prices are the most reasonable. In Minsk, this is the most adequate place where you can get repairs at an affordable cost. Bottom line: of course I recommend Dudko and Sons for your dental needs.
Liudmila Mitsevich
Имплантация зубов
I want to express my gratitude and many thanks to the entire staff of the clinic. Very positive, attentive and friendly attitude at all stages of service. Dr. Mehdiyev Ruslan Salmanovich just saved me the train and the mood. And the surgeon Elova Yaroslav Mikhailovich, who was involved in the removal and implantation, was very attentive to my situation, offered a sparing option and very professionally conducted the operation. As usual it was. Thanks also to the assistant doctors for their sensitive attitude. This includes all dental issues.
Мария Петровна Берестова
Maria Berestova
Протезирование зубов
I doubted for a long time about the use of this particular type of prosthetics. I read a lot of information on the Internet, but decided to go for a consultation with a professional. The doctor of the clinic described in detail the advantages, disadvantages, everything is very honest and open. I decided to install clasp prosthesis all the same. I have been wearing it for almost a month and am very pleased with the result. They did it clearly according to the casts, the fastenings do not rub, they do not injure. The prosthesis is almost not felt in the mouth. Yes, and they did it very quickly. The material itself is pleasant. I am very glad that I came here.
Alexey – The very first visit convinced us that we made the right choice
The very first visit convinced us that we made the right choice.
Quite by chance stumbled upon a clinic website on the Internet. We read the reviews and decided to contact them. The first visit convinced us that we were not mistaken with the choice. Competent expert advice, very comfortable atmosphere, and the location is excellent. Before implantation, a small additional examination was performed, CT was done. An implantation of two chewing teeth was done. The installation operation itself took about an hour and a half. Then they just installed a crown. The doctor worked perfectly, and false teeth can not be distinguished from real ones. Bravo. Thanks for the work.
Крючкова Александра
Kryuchkova Alexandra
Уже второй зуб имплантирую в этой клинике.
I am updating the review a little over a year after the implantation. The implant has taken root perfectly and the crown does not stand out or feel in any way. Thanks a lot to all the staff!