Restoration of teeth for decades in one go? Easy!

The advantages of dental implants in this way are more than enough:

  • immediately after installing the implants, you can begin to chew in full force;
  • no discomfort and pain;
  • the need for removable dentures is lost;
  • a beautiful smile is acquired, psychological comfort and pleasure;
  • value fully justifies itself after a few years;
  • long (sometimes lifelong) life of artificial teeth.

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Dental implants in one day

Who needs dental implantation in one day?

To carry out this technique, exclusive implant models are used that give an immediate load on the jaw and do not require bone grafting even in the most advanced cases. Dental implants in one day are suitable for those people who:

  • has completely destroyed teeth in the oral cavity;
  • has full or multiple adentia (absence of teeth);
  • saves his time and is not ready to visit the dentist many times;
  • has atrophic changes or inflammatory processes in the bone tissue of the jaw;
  • dreams of a perfect smile that cannot be distinguished from a real one;
  • rationally approaches the waste of finance, evaluating long-term benefits.

Choose the appropriate implantation method for you

Dental implantation in just one visit allows you to return to normal, without experiencing any discomfort. There are several methods for replacing teeth: together with the doctor, the client chooses the most suitable option for himself. The main ones are:

  1. Immediate implantation immediately after tooth extraction: in one session, two problems can be solved at once. The client leaves with a new and beautiful tooth, which will perform its functions immediately. The method is not suitable for those who have a difficult removal, as well as in the presence of emergency indications for extraction.
  2. Implantation of a segment of missing teeth on the chewing surface on the upper jaw: this method is suitable for those who have only a few teeth, and for the rest, there are no indications for removal. The patient can contact the clinic at any time to restore subsequently lost teeth.
  3. All-on-3 (all on three) – suitable for those patients who need to put implants on the lower jaw. The “all in three” procedure allows you to effectively fill in the defects of the dentition with just three implants.
  4. All-on-4 (all on four) – the technique is similar to the previous one, only four implants are already used. Pro-Arch restoration is an analogue and is carried out at the Dudko & Sons Center. The implantation cost of both jaws is from 21,900 to 25,000 BYN.
  5. All-on-6 – six implants are inserted into the jaw to replace missing teeth. This design is the most reliable than the above, can be used for atrophic changes of moderate severity.

Dental implants in one day in Minsk

The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Own dental laboratory
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Experienced highly qualified doctors

How is dental implantation done in one day?

Before implantation, the client must visit a doctor for consultation – he undergoes computed tomography of the jaw, evaluates bite parameters and other examinations as necessary. Based on the results of the diagnosis, planning of further treatment is already underway, the choice of tactics and date of implant placement.

Step by step treatment

  1. Preparatory phase – it includes consultation and all necessary surveys. A correct assessment of the condition of the oral cavity plays a crucial role in the success of the subsequent treatment; therefore, in our centre, they pay great attention to it.
  2. Installation of implants – modern technology makes the procedure painless and minimally invasive, requiring no suturing. The healing process lasts only 2-3 days.
  3. Installation of the prosthetic structure – imported materials are used, which are distinguished by their durability, reliability and quality. Most prostheses can be easily corrected if necessary: ​​there is no need to replace the design. The prosthesis does not cause any discomfort in the mouth, and the artificial gum looks like natural, performs all the necessary functions.

Why is bone grafting not needed?

Before the treatment, the client must undergo computed tomography – this allows you to choose the best place for implant placement, where the bone is the most durable and has a dense structure. If the bone tissue of the jaw is atrophied, then other implant models are used, which are fixed in the area of ​​other bones: for example, the zygomatic or chin (depending on the area requiring restoration of the dentition).

Bone grafting is not carried out even with inflammatory bone diseases – before the installation of implants, oral cavity sanitation is necessarily performed to remove foci of infection.

Why is choosing a dental implant brand important?

The method of tooth restoration in one day is becoming increasingly popular. In order to please the result for decades, you need to approach the choice of implant consciously. They are subject to three basic requirements:

  • material without any impurities – the process of implant implantation and engraftment, in this case, proceeds better and faster;
  • bioactive porous coating that promotes bone growth;
  • the possibility of instant loading on the prosthesis.

The main brands that are used in implantology and are distinguished by their unsurpassed quality are Nobel Biocare, Straumann, MegaGen. They have an extensive evidence base and long-term positive experience in application, and manufacturers issue their recommendations for working with materials.

One-day implantation: myths and reality

Myth 1: Implantation hurts
The use of modern anaesthetics in dental practice allows you to perform treatment of any complexity without pain. Even after the expiration of the drug, most patients do not resort to painkillers.
Myth 2: Implants often do not take root
This is not true. They are made of titanium without impurities: this metal is biologically inert, so the body does not reject it. In 98% of cases, no problems arise.
Myth 3: There are many contraindications for implantation.
Modern technology allows everyone to install implants; there are only temporary contraindications (for example, pregnancy). With proper management tactics, implants take root even in people with systemic diseases (diabetes mellitus).
Myth 4: The procedure takes a lot of time
This is not always the case: now there are techniques that allow you to put a crown on the day after implantation. It all depends on the condition of the teeth and bone tissue, as well as on concomitant diseases.

How much does implantation cost in one day?

The prices for implantation using this method are lower than according to the classical protocol: there is no need to carry out the procedure of bone tissue extension, the number of visits to the doctor is reduced.

  • Restoration of both jaws by the all-on-4 method is from 21,900 to 25,000 BYN
  • Restoration of one jaw using the all-on-4 method is from 9,500 to 10,480 BYN
  • Restoration of one tooth (implant, metal-ceramic crown with the work of a doctor) – 2,006 BYN

The final cost of treatment is affected by the brand of the implant and other materials used in the treatment.

The effectiveness of any treatment depends on the chosen doctor. Implantation requires a doctor’s high professionalism, interest, extensive experience and useful knowledge. The Dudko & Sons Center has a team of professionals in their field who are continuously trained by leading experts in the world.

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Restoration of teeth for decades in one go? Easy!

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