Dental implantation is the restoration of the entire tooth – from the roots to the top. Dental implants serve to restore the aesthetics of the smile and the natural functions of the jaw. Also, dental implantation allows you to return the natural compression to the jawbone; this is to prevent the occurrence of various defects and her reduction. Therefore, dental implantation in Minsk is the most advanced and popular method of prosthetics.

Dental implants in Minsk

The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Own dental laboratory
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Experienced highly qualified doctors

Clinic advantages

  1. In the Minsk clinic “Dudko and Sons” they use all available methods of dental implantation;
  2. Dentistry is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. The newest model of a computer tomograph with an expanded scanning area for complex clinical situations allows you to get a detailed image of the jaw with a resolution of 70 microns;
  3. A visiograph with a minimum dose of scattered radiation is intended for obtaining intrazonal sighting and panoramic images. Based on them, dentists build a treatment strategy;
  4. Ultrasonic surgical system provides high precision manipulations;
  5. An autoclave for processing tools with automatic control of modes guarantees sterility on each operation cycle;
  6. Doctors use certified materials, drugs of the latest generation of leading manufacturers in their work;
  7. Dental implants in Minsk are carried out by extra-class specialists who have been trained at the centres of system manufacturers with an approved installation algorithm;
  8. The range of intra-maxillary systems allows you to choose a budget or premium quality model with an unlimited warranty.

Зубные импланты

Prices for Implantation

The cost of dental implants in Minsk and frequently held promotions attract customers from other countries. The centre provides discounts on services and bonuses for customers who first made an appointment. All bills are paid at the cash desk according to the approved price list.

System name Cost, BYN
Tooth restoration with a Swiss implant (Nobel Biocare) with a ceramic-metal crown and work 2 850
Tooth restoration with a Swiss implant (Straumann) with a ceramic-metal crown and work 2 006
Implantation of the Korean implant (MegaGen) with a ceramic-metal crown and work 1 250
Tooth restoration with an Israeli implant (AlphaBio, MIS) with a ceramic-metal crown and work 1 162
Tooth restoration with a Belarusian implant (RADIX) with a ceramic-metal crown and work 877

Implantation methods and technologies

The variety of installation methods in dentistry is because each patient has anatomical features in the structure of the jaw apparatus. Based on the clinical picture and solvency of the patient, the doctor offers a priority treatment protocol. The specialists of the centre perfectly master all dental protocols used in world practice. This ensures a stable position of the pins for any chewing load, unlimited operation of structures with proper care.

Имплантация зубов в клинике «Дудко и сыновья»

Classic implantation

A feature of the method is the installation of dental structures in 2 stages. The process includes:

First step:

  • implantation of a titanium rod into bone tissue;
  • installation of a plug for 3-6 months;
  • modelling of the gingival contours by the shaper in 14 days;

Second phase:

  • screwing the abutment into the top of the pin to hold the crown and prosthetics.

* In case of critical loss of bone volume, an additional operation is performed to increase bone in the screw fixation sites locally.

One-stage implantation in one day

However, because of the long wait, many choose alternative technologies with the simultaneous introduction of implants with a temporary fixed prosthesis. The peculiarity of the systems is that the pin hole diameter is only 0.3 mm, and the length is several times greater than the standard. This allows even the implantation of teeth of the upper jaw with a narrow alveolar ridge without bone grafting. Prosthetics are indicated for moderate atrophy of bone tissue or when it sagged under a removable prosthesis. The abutment is wound immediately after the installation of the supports with the shaper, on the same day or after three days they put on a design with plastic teeth.

Basal implantation

It is carried out surgically by installing several large implants (30-55 mm) with a full thread and a horizontal base plate. Set at an angle in the deep bony layers, not amenable to atrophy, fixed with screws. The method is used for multiple tooth loss as an alternative to sinus lift. This type of implantation is not very popular, as it has a clear service life (5-8 years).

Базальные импланты

Indications for implantation

At present, implantation is the ideal and most humane way to recover from:

  • end defects of the dentition from one or both edges;
  • the absence of one unit or all on the upper and lower jaws;
  • pathological root mobility;
  • acrylic intolerance when wearing a removable denture, gag reflex.


When installing implants, health restrictions are taken into account. Only in their absence can we minimize the risk of rejection, avoid complications and guarantee success. The absolute include:

  • CNS diseases and mental disorders;
  • connective tissue diseases like lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, other systemic pathologies;
  • abnormal proximity of the upper jaw to the sinuses.

Relative and temporary:

  • the presence of cariogenic foci in the remaining teeth;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • infectious gum disease;
  • marginal periodontitis of tissues;
  • malocclusion;
  • bruxism;
  • diseases of the jaw joint;
  • narrow alveolar ridge due to atrophy of bone tissue;
  • pregnancy;
  • acute infectious and viral infections.

For patients who are addicted to smoking, dental implants may be associated with certain increased risks since nicotinic acid affects peripheral blood circulation, which plays a crucial role in implant engraftment. We recommend our patients one to two weeks before surgery and one month after the maximum reduction in the number of cigarettes per day. Due to the violation, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, the absorption of minerals slows down, which negatively affects the structure of bone tissue.

Dental implantation stages

Carefully planned dental implantation recreates the anatomical shape of the tooth and provides impeccable aesthetics.

  1. Preparation. The process begins with an assessment of the state of health: CT of the jaw, measurement of tissue biopotential, x-ray. The doctor examines the data of laboratory and instrumental screening, clarifies contraindications. Then he starts preparing the oral cavity – treating caries, removing the destroyed roots, and brushing the teeth with ultrasound.
  2. Modelling. Together with the surgeon, the orthopedist analyzes the data to calculate the occlusal load, selects the length and diameter of the implants, the installation site, and draws up a treatment plan. In our centre, implants are implanted according to a navigation template. To do this, a dental scan is placed on top of the tomographic image, and they are virtually embedded in the holes using the program. The guide vector ensures installation accuracy and eliminates the slightest error during operation.
  3. Surgical Stage:
    • the dentist applies the navigation template to the jaw;
    • makes an incision or puncture;
    • a mill and a drill forms a bed for supports;
    • screw the titanium rod, using a unique tool to control the depth of its immersion.

    In two-part constructions, the adapter is connected to the intraosseous part of the shaft, and the gum former is installed. In parallel, an orthopedist is connected to the process. He takes a cast and gives it to the laboratory. In the case of implantation with simultaneous tooth extraction, the protocol of operation is identical. Only before implantation does the dentist remove the destroyed root along with the fragments. Details of the process in the video:

    Installing the implant – video:

  4. Orthopaedic stage:
  5. 5-7 hours after taking the impression, the adaptation crowns or bridge are ready. The orthopedist fixes them on abutments. After osseointegration, a permanent structure is made in the centre or planted on cement. For quick engraftment, a moderate chewing load is recommended for the first time. By the end of the month, you can safely eat solid food. Implants do not need replacing and serve all their life.

Before and after photos

Имплантация зубов до-после

Имплантация зубов в Минске до-после

Implant Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to do implantation in one day?

To come to the reception and leave in a few hours with new teeth will not work. Before the operation, instrumental diagnostics and computer modelling are mandatory. But decoding pictures and building a silicone layout takes time, so it’s better to tune in for three visits to the clinic. The process of introducing structures is carried out at a time, but not everyone is immediately implanted with a temporary prosthesis – usually within 3-5 days.

How much does it cost to insert teeth completely?

If we are talking about the full cost of single-phase implantation without increasing bone mass, in addition to the price of the system, the costs of examination, mouth sanitation and other preparatory measures are taken into account. You can take biomaterials for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, a coagulogram, allergological tests in the clinic. It is better to take a panoramic picture of our clinic with modern equipment.

At the first consultation, the orthopedist will calculate the amount. For example, dental implantation of the upper jaw with full adentia by Nobel BioCare or Straumann systems (Switzerland) costs about 12 500 Belarusian rubles, MegaGen (Korea) – from 6900 rubles, and there are cheaper options. For the lower jaw, the installation of a full-beam fixed prosthesis for four implants is allowed, and products from Nobel under the All-on-4 protocol will cost 2000 less, while Korean ones will require about 6000 rubles.

How much does one tooth implantation cost?

Restoration of one unit with a prosthetic metal-ceramic crown and the work of a surgeon costs 510 rubles.

How to sign up?

Fill out the form on the website or call +375 17 334-91-65 and +375 44 545-09-10, or send a request by mail to Shortly the consultant will call you back.

Is it possible to make dental implants in instalments?

Implantation and prosthetics are expensive, and not everyone can pay right away. For the convenience of patient calculations, the centre together with BelGazPromBank offer transparent phased payment for three months without interest.

You are treated

Дудко Наталья Александровна

Dudko Natalya

Руководитель клиники, Стоматолог-хирург
Пажлаков Павел Анатольевич - врач стоматолог

Pazhlakov Pavel

Еловой Ярослав Михайлович

Elovoj Yaroslav


Feedbacks all feedbacks

The first visit convinced us that we were not mistaken with the choice.
Quite by chance stumbled upon a clinic website on the Internet. We read the reviews and decided to contact them. The first visit convinced us that we were not mistaken with the choice. Competent expert advice, very comfortable atmosphere, and the location is excellent. Before implantation, a small additional examination was performed, CT was done. An implantation of two chewing teeth was done. The installation operation itself took about an hour and a half. Then they just installed a crown. The doctor worked perfectly, and false teeth can not be distinguished from real ones. Bravo. Thanks for the work.
Крючкова Александра
Kryuchkova Alexandra
I'm already implanting a second tooth in this clinic.
I'm already implanting a second tooth in this clinic. With the first, everything went off with a bang, although I was very afraid. Yes, it was sickly, but quite tolerant. I got used to a new tooth quickly. Now I'm going to put another one.
Мартина Зауэр
Martina Sauer
I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the clinic "Dudko and Sons" for their sensitive attitude to patients.
I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the clinic "Dudko and Sons" for their sensitive attitude to patients. I would also like to thank the dental surgeon Elovoj Yaroslav for the professionalism and high-quality installation of the implant. Thank you very much for the administration of the centre for organizing my stay in Belarus.
Ангелина К
Angelina K
Before the procedure itself, they gave me local anaesthesia, so it didn’t hurt at all.
I went to the "Dudko & Sons" clinic for tooth implantation, but first I had to install a gum shaper. Of course, it was terrifying, but in vain, I was afraid. The operation did not last long. Before the procedure itself, they gave me local anaesthesia, so it didn’t hurt at all. Installed shaper, sutured. In the centre I liked: the clean, tidy, comfortable chairs, polite staff.