Clinic advantages

Клиника Дудко и сыновья первыми в Беларуси применили знания об имплантации зубов на практике.
The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Собственная зуботехническая лаборатория позволяет оперативно решать проблемы пациентов, а также производить ремонт зубных протез.
Own dental laboratory
Современное оборудование таких фирм как: Sirona, A-dec, KAVO, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bredent, Dentsply
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Стоматология оснащена аппаратом компьютерной томографии.
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
Минская стоматология Дудко и сыновья имеет множество патентов и сертификатов различных мировых брендов и научных конференций.
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Квалифицированные врачи клиники с суммарным опытом работы более 195 лет, одно из главных наших преимуществ.
Experienced highly qualified doctors

Teeth extraction price

Tooth extraction
Wisdom tooth extraction operation
Cyst removal operation
from 60

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  • Do local or general anesthesia if there is no allergy.
  • Detach or extract part of the gum.
  • The tooth is turned out, at this time the fibers connecting it to the hole are torn.
  • Tooth extracting and do curettage holes.
  • The swab provides the formation of a clot.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The eruption of the G8 often causes pain. Incorrect location often leads to the appearance of an abnormal bite.
If the pain becomes pronounced, the temperature rises, the lymph nodes increase, swelling appears – this is an occasion to visit the dentist.


  • Caries.
  • Strong pain.
  • Impaired jaw mobility.

Extraction of the wisdom tooth is carried out by local anaesthesia; general anaesthesia if the tooth is located under the soft tissues of the gum or if tooth is displaced to the side of the cheek.

Recommendations after tooth extraction surgery:

To stop the blood, the surgeon puts a tampon on the hole. If you remove it immediately after tearing, then you can break the clot. Infections that cause inflammation can get into an open wound. To prevent this, you can remove the tampon only after 15-20 minutes.

After surgery, it is recommended to apply something cold to the cheek (ice, a chilled bottle).

After the manipulation, you can not eat food, drink hot drinks for 2 hours. On the first day, you need to abandon salty and spicy dishes, so as not to cause irritation and inflammation.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol-containing drinks, as they dilate blood vessels, as a result of which the gums can begin to bleed.

Self-absorbable sutures dissolve in 10-12 days. The usual are removed in the clinic in a week. After a week, you can carry out other procedures in the mouth.

Clinic “Dudko and Sons” is one of the best in conducting tooth extraction in Minsk. We have been working since 1988.

The procedure Teeth extraction is carried out by doctors: