The cost of removing wisdom teeth in Minsk

Итоговая цена за удаление зуба мудрости зависит от его анатомии и положения, и соответственно от сложности применяемого метода экстракции. Простое удаление восьмерки наиболее дешево, если она полностью прорезалась и врач может обхватить её щипцами. Применение ультразвука и необходимость извлечения по частям, делают процедуру примерно на 50% дороже. Наиболее дорогой будет хирургическая операция по удалению ретинированного зуба мудрости путем открытия доступа к нему через кости челюсти. К стоимости также необходимо добавить цену рентгеновского снимка.

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Features of wisdom teeth

Our ancestors ate tough or raw food that had to be chewed thoroughly. And all 32 teeth fully participated in this. Soft, heat-treated food no longer requires a strong jaw and since then its size has greatly decreased and there is simply not enough space for four more extreme chewing teeth.

The shape of our jaw is now fully formed even before the growth of wisdom teeth begins, which leads to the inability to take them to a normal position in the mouth.

When should you remove?

Rarely enough, but it happens when saving is possible and reasonable. But nevertheless, if the peculiarities of the development of your wisdom teeth, as well as in many, led to problems, then after examining them the surgeon will most likely decide on their removal.

The natural reason for going to the dentist is pain. You need to understand that if the extreme tooth is impacted (not completely erupted), then its treatment inside the gum is inappropriate and the doctor will prescribe anesthesia and extraction.

Below is a list of reasons for removing wisdom teeth:

  • Caries;
  • Pulpitis and / or periodontitis (inflammation inside or under the tooth);
  • Pericoronitis (purulent processes in the pocket between the gum and a partially impacted tooth due to the accumulation of food debris and the development of bacteria under it);
  • Pressure on adjacent teeth associated with the growth of wisdom teeth;
  • Injury to the gums or tongue non-resolving soft tissue ulcers;
  • Inferior alveolar nerve entrapment;
  • Cyst, granuloma;
  • Before installing braces or eliners (according to the indications and direction of the orthodontist);
  • Before installation implants (if wisdom tooth extraction is prescribed by an implantologist)

Prices for wisdom tooth extraction in Minsk

In Minsk, each dental clinic provides a service for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Prices depending on the area and type of institution can vary greatly.

Table of current prices for February 2021 in “Dudko-and-Sons” for tooth extraction, BYN.

The price is indicated for one unit, with the cost of all work and materials
Name Price (BYN)
Easy wisdom tooth extraction from 90 rubles
Complex wisdom tooth extraction up to 180 rubles
Wisdom tooth extraction with ultrasound 240 rubles
Removal of impacted wisdom tooth from 140 rubles

The price difference for wisdom tooth extraction depends on:

  • Clinic Pricing Policy . And this is the main factor, since qualified doctors are very expensive. How much the clinic values ​​its reputation directly affects the staff it hires, equipment and, of course, prices.
  • Tooth condition . A tooth that has rotted so much that it had time to collapse is quite difficult to remove. than a strong and solid tooth with living nerves, which rests tightly against the surrounding tissues.
  • Location . The angle of inclination, position and degree of tooth decay, the main factors directly affecting the cost of extracting wisdom teeth..
    • A relatively mild case where a tooth has erupted completely.
    • The most common case – partially impacted tooth (mesioretinated), refers to a moderately complex procedure. The doctor cuts the gum, if necessary, opens the exit to the bone with a cutter, or cuts the tooth itself.
    • Removing the lower wisdom tooth is more difficult and naturally more expensive.
    • Completely impacted tooth, with the alveolar nerve close in, is the most difficult extraction operation. Opening of the bone is a forced, but mandatory procedure that requires the highest qualification of a dental surgeon.
  • The condition and appearance of the roots (branching and location) have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes for the dentist to extract the tooth.

Post-operative care

It is not difficult to avoid complications after wisdom tooth extraction and speed up healing. You need to contact a good specialist and follow his recommendations for wound care:

  • do not disturb the wound with tongue, foreign objects;
  • refuse food, hot drinks for the first two to three hours;
  • refrain from smoking for the first three hours;
  • reduce physical activity during the healing period;
  • do not drink alcohol for the first day (if the doctor prescribed antibiotics after the procedure, stop drinking alcohol during the course);
  • do not take hot baths, baths, saunas.

The pain should go away within two to three days.

A longer healing period is required if:

  • the procedure was performed with horizontal or oblique eruption;
  • the roots were twisted or heavily entwined;
  • the coronal part of the tooth was severely destroyed;
  • the situation required a more serious intervention with a gum incision, sawing a tooth or opening bone tissue for removal;
  • the operation was performed with a strong inflammatory process.

In such cases, the pain can be quite severe. Swelling of the gums and cheeks is often observed. Pain on swallowing is sometimes present after the lower eights have been removed.

If the pain gradually goes away, there is no cause for concern.

If pain persists after tooth extraction

If the soreness increases, is pulsating, there is swelling, bruising or an unpleasant odor – this is a reason to urgently seek qualified help. You may have symptoms of one of the following complications:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthetic, antifibrinolytic drugs, or an antibiotic taken for complex inflammation.
  • Serous alveolitis. The first stage of a serious inflammatory process, which can be triggered by a part of the root left in the hole or by washing out a blood clot and getting an infection into it.
  • Neuritis. Throbbing, persistent pain can be a companion to nerve damage. This will be confirmed by the fact that the pain passes to the temple, neck or eyes from the side of the removal.

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Irina K.
Feedback from a regular customer
I have been applying to this clinic only for three years now. During this time: I removed three wisdom teeth here, put two fillings and once did occupational hygiene and whitening, twice underwent a preventive examination. The level of service and the result of treatment cannot even be compared with conventional dentistry. I think everyone who has ever treated teeth in a free clinic will understand me. Maybe for some this is nonsense, but the offered coffee, the opportunity to call without any problems and a call from the clinic with confirmation of the appointment time made in advance - all this attentive attitude to the patient means to me no less than the prices.
Liudmila Mitsevich
Имплантация зубов
I want to express my gratitude and many thanks to the entire staff of the clinic. Very positive, attentive and friendly attitude at all stages of service. Dr. Mehdiyev Ruslan Salmanovich just saved me the train and the mood. And the surgeon Elova Yaroslav Mikhailovich, who was involved in the removal and implantation, was very attentive to my situation, offered a sparing option and very professionally conducted the operation. As usual it was. Thanks also to the assistant doctors for their sensitive attitude. This includes all dental issues.
Екатерина Ермолаева
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Буду советовать эту клинику знакомым.
When I went to remove the wisdom tooth, I was terribly afraid, but the doctor Loyko reassured me, did anesthesia, and did everything quickly and accurately, for which many thanks to him. I will advise this clinic to my friends.