When do I need to remove a baby tooth?

The sooner the doctor conducts an examination, the more likely it is to keep it intact. A set of preventive services – sealing fissures, silvering, fluoridation helps to avoid extraction. Conducting it earlier than 1.5 years before natural loss is undesirable. Milk teeth form the correct bite, chew food, relieve speech defects, and prepare a permanent place for teething. If you remove the replacement one earlier, the latter may grow a curve. However, there are good reasons for deciduous teeth:

  • bone caries – a pathological lesion with the appearance of a cavity within dentin that is not treatable;
  • inflammation of the pulp chamber causing acute pain;
  • periodontitis, threatening death of the rudiment of a permanent tooth;
  • cyst, fistula formation on the gums, causing odontogenic periostitis, bone destruction;
  • late teething;
  • fracture due to injury.


The procedure requires professionalism from the surgeon. This is due to the structure of the root, thin alveolar walls. When pulling a staggering tooth, use application freezing with gum treatment with a cooling gel or spray. In case of inflammation, general anesthesia is administered or the method of medical sleep is applied by immersing the child through an inhaler or tablets in a superficial sleep. These methods allows you not to psychologically injure the child, to conduct additional rehabilitation. After 7 minutes, the dental surgeon grabs it with forceps of loose fixation, pulls it out the first time, treats the wound with a septic tank.

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