Before carrying out the procedure it is necessary to make sure that there are no restrictions for carrying out this procedure, which include:

  • heart and vascular disease;
  • blood pathology;
  • acute respiratory infections;
  • oncology;
  • first and last trimester of pregnancy.

Basic cyst removal methods

There are two types of treatment:

Surgical: is performed if the diameter of the cyst is more than 1 cm, the tooth is located under the crown, complaints of constant pain.

It is carried out by two methods:

  • Cystectomy. During surgery, a cyst with a damaged apex of the root is removed. The main advantage of this method is 100% reliability, but the procedure is complicated and not every surgeon will undertake it.
  • Hemisection. It is used if one of the roots cannot be saved. At the same time, together with the cyst, the damaged root with a part of the tooth tissue is removed.

If the tooth is located in the cavity of the cyst or has severe destruction, then, most likely, to save it will not work.

Therapeutic: its main advantage is non-surgical intervention. It is used in the absence of filling material, cystic formation does not exceed 1 centimeter.

This type of treatment includes:

  • Dipophoresis – a composition with magnesium and copper is inserted into the dental canal, then, under the influence of electrical equipment, copper ions begin to penetrate into the cavity.
  • Laser: despite the careful attitude to gums and teeth, removal of the cyst by lasers is not always advisable, since its beam is direct, which does not provide its exact effect on the damaged area.
  • Piezosurgery. Ultrasonic vibrations can not only get into hard-to-reach places, but also cut a bone without injuring the mucous membrane and blood vessels.

To prevent the cyst from appearing again, it is necessary to monitor the oral cavity, do not start caries, remove tartar, and if a tooth is injured, take another x-ray in a couple of months.

If you need removal of a tooth cyst in Minsk, we recommend that you contact our clinic Dudko and sons. Where the whole procedure will be supervised by an experienced dentist. The treatment is carried out at a high level with the use of professional equipment and high-quality materials. This approach minimizes the risk of complications.