Price of tooth root resection

Вид услуги Цена
Cystectomy with root apex resection

without the cost of bone material

Bone material Geistlich Bio OSS (0,25 mg.)
Bone material Geistlich Bio OSS (0,5 mg.)
Bone material Geistlich Bio OSS (1,0 mg.)
Bone material Geistlich Bio OSS (2,0 mg.)
TI-OSS bone substitute (1.0 mg)
Application of the membrane Geistlich Bio Gide 13*25 mm
Application of membrane Evolution x-fine 20*20 mm
Application of the membrane Geistlich Bio Gide 25*25 mm
Application of the membrane Geistlich Bio Gide 30*40 mm
Application of titanium membrane
Application of membrane Special 20*20 mm
Application of Bicollagen Collagen Membrane 25*25mm
Application of regenerative membrane Resolut 15*20mm
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  • The presence of periodontitis, which means that there is an infection in the root canals.
  • Poor filling.
  • Installed pin to prevent it from breaking.
  • Destruction of dental tissue.
  • The presence of a bridge or crown.


  • Advanced forms of periodontal disease and periodontitis.
  • Period of exacerbation of infectious diseases and viral infections.
  • Great mobility of the root or it is very curved.
  • Extensive destruction of the tooth crown.
  • Violation of the heart.


  1. Sanitation procedures are done 1-2 days before the manipulation, reducing the risk of complications.
  2. Anesthesia is performed before the procedure.
  3. To access the apex of the root, the gum is incised and, with the help of a spore, it is opened, catching a flap of the mucous membrane.
  4. Then, using the nozzle of the drill, the affected area is sawn out to the sealed area, and the resulting neoplasm is scraped out.
  5. Drug treatment. In order to prevent infection, the cavity is irrigated with antiseptics, after which the wound is sutured and a medical dressing is applied.

On average, apicoectomy lasts from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Its duration depends on the location of the tooth. If these are incisors or fangs, then the resection will be easier, if it’s molars, then it’s more difficult.

Recommendations after tooth resection

After the manipulation, the recovery period lasts an average of two to three weeks. On days 7-8, the sutures are removed, if they were not imposed by self-absorbable sutures. To avoid complications and speed up the healing process, you should:

  • In the first 3 hours do not eat or drink.
  • Exclude smoking and alcohol.
  • Eat chopped food at room temperature.
  • Rinse the oral cavity with antiseptic solutions after meals and at night.
  • To carry out hygiene with a soft brush and a paste with reduced abrasiveness.
  • For three months, refrain from eating solid foods.

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