Congenital pathology – ankyloglossia – is not so rare. It is characterized by an incorrect position and a too short length of the frenum of the tongue. Laser or surgical scissor cutting is recommended in early childhood. Otherwise, malocclusion, a delay in the development of the lower jaw and severe discomfort may occur. Doctors identify two main causes of the anomaly: pregnancy pathology and heredity.

Excision of connective tissue is recommended up to 9 years. Most often, the child is referred to this procedure as an orthopedist or speech therapist when serious problems arise with the pronunciation of sounds. It happens that the service is carried out to install a plate or braces.

Our clinic uses the most painless and minimally traumatic method. Stages of the operation:

Examination of the oral cavity for inflammation, infection.
Local anesthesia: use sprays or gels to anesthetize the area. Less commonly, injections.
Excision with scissors. Only one small incision is made.
Stopping bleeding or suturing the wound if necessary.
Antiseptic treatment.
After the procedure, slight pain may be observed, the temperature may rise. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the scar may disappear in a couple of weeks, but may remain forever. Our surgeons do everything very carefully. So that the scar does not annoy you.

Postoperative care recommendations you will definitely give the dentist. Hygiene rules must be strictly observed so that food particles do not cause an abscess. Rinsing the mouth with boiled water after eating will be mandatory for the first 5-7 days. Refuse solid foods for 3 days.

Some clinics in Minsk cut the frenum of the tongue with a laser, but we do not use this technique. Our specialists are professional enough to quickly and safely resolve the problem without using this technology.