Reasons to see a surgeon

If local treatment does not bring any result and the patient suffers from wild pain, the surgeon enters the case.

What problems do patients face?

  • The soft tissues of the oral cavity are inflamed.
  • Due to physical impact, the cutter is destroyed.
  • Tooth is affected by caries and other diseases.
  • Tumors, cysts and granules that are not amenable to non-surgical treatment.
  • The oral cavity has birth defects.

The doctor begins with a conversation with the patient, palpation and percussion of the problem area, the appointment of an X-ray, and only after that a decision is made about the treatment.

Removing the entire tooth and its root is recommended if there is no possibility of its restoration. This also applies to healthy wisdom teeth, which can cause discomfort and harm the general condition of the patient’s body.

The primary task of the dental surgeon is to preserve the teeth and restore the integrity of the oral cavity. For this, the clinic provides a number of techniques to prevent further tissue damage and reconstruction of the patient’s tooth.

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Екатерина Ермолаева
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Буду советовать эту клинику знакомым.
When I went to remove the wisdom tooth, I was terribly afraid, but the doctor Loyko reassured me, did anesthesia, and did everything quickly and accurately, for which many thanks to him. I will advise this clinic to my friends.