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Клиника Дудко и сыновья первыми в Беларуси применили знания об имплантации зубов на практике.
The oldest private implantation practice in Belarus
Собственная зуботехническая лаборатория позволяет оперативно решать проблемы пациентов, а также производить ремонт зубных протез.
Own dental laboratory
Современное оборудование таких фирм как: Sirona, A-dec, KAVO, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bredent, Dentsply
Modern and latest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Стоматология оснащена аппаратом компьютерной томографии.
Installation zirconium crowns (ideally biocompatible material)
Минская стоматология Дудко и сыновья имеет множество патентов и сертификатов различных мировых брендов и научных конференций.
The presence of a medical license for anesthesiology (drug-induced sleep)
Квалифицированные врачи клиники с суммарным опытом работы более 195 лет, одно из главных наших преимуществ.
Experienced highly qualified doctors

Causes of decay of deciduous teeth

In babies, the disease develops and spreads faster than in adults. This is due to the peculiarity of their enamel: weak, immature, not adapted to many environmental factors, it is destroyed due to:

  • poor oral hygiene or lack thereof;
  • the abundance of carbohydrate foods in the diet;
  • frequent snacks between main meals.

These factors create an ideal environment for the propagation of harmful bacteria. The product of their vital activity, lactic acid, has a detrimental effect on the dental tissues, causing their gradual destruction.

Stages of development of childhood caries

The development of the disease is divided into stages:

  1. initial (appearance on the enamel of white, brown spots);
  2. superficial (there is a pain reaction to sweet, salty, sour);
  3. medium (damage reaches dentin, pain occurs when drinking cold, hot drink/food);
  4. deep (lesions affect most of the dentin, can reach the nerve, cause pulpitis, which can develop into periodontitis; unbearable pain appears).

Therefore, in the treatment of childhood caries there is no concept of “early”. Watch how your child behaves to avoid a problem or solve it in a timely manner. Pay attention to the following points: the child chews on one side, refuses to be cold, hot, complains of pain, bad breath has changed.

Treatments for childhood caries

The method is selected depending on the stage of the disease. At the initial stage, enamel is thoroughly cleaned, a special gel coating is applied to stop the spread of bacteria.

Common silvering – treatment with a composition based on silver nitrate, fluorine. Such treatment of decay of deciduous teeth in children can stop the spread of current foci, prevent the formation of new ones. The procedure is quick, completely painless, but stains the tooth surface in dark color.

Treatment of medium and deep caries in a child is carried out by filling the affected teeth. “Sick” tissues are drilled with a drill (or removed with a laser). The drilled cavity is treated with a bactericidal preparation, after which the doctor fills it with filling material. If the lesions affect the nerve, it is removed, the horse channels are cleaned, which subsequently also fill. If the tooth is badly damaged, the doctor will recommend removal.

Typically, a filling and removal is performed under local anesthesia, if a large-scale or painful intervention is planned, under general.

Prevention of early childhood caries

Prevention of the disease should begin at the stage of pregnancy planning, because milk teeth are formed during intrauterine development. This means that the mother’s lifestyle during the gestation period directly affects the health of her child.

Immediately after birth, begin to monitor the nutrition: the baby and your own (with breastfeeding). The mucous membrane of the baby’s mouth can be cleaned with a napkin moistened with a decoction of calendula and chamomile. When the baby grows up:

  1. pick a suitable brush, paste;
  2. teach proper cleaning;
  3. explain the importance of proper oral care;
  4. watch the diet;
  5. See your child at the dentist regularly.

Remember: It’s always better to save a tooth than to remove. Premature loss leads to underdevelopment of the jaw, orthodontic defects.

If the problem could not be avoided, seek treatment for decay of deciduous teeth even at the stage of its detection. So that after the first visit to the dentist the baby has only good impressions, contact the dental clinic “Dudko and Sons” (Minsk). We work with children of any age, we can find an approach even to the smallest patients.

You can make an appointment through the online form or by phone: +375 (44) 545-09-10.

The procedure Treatment of dental caries in children is carried out by doctors: