Dental Implant Center “Dudko and Sons”, which has been working for over 20 years, offers a wide range of services. In our center you can get professional assistance as follows:

  • toothache;
  • gum inflammation;
  • tooth loss.
The oldest private implant practice in Belarus
Own dental laboratory
Modern and newest equipment to ensure maximum quality of treatment
Installation of a zirconia crowns (ideal biocompatibility)
Prosthetic teeth

Prosthetic teeth

Restore the integrity of the dentition, we use only proven materials in the work; the most natural look.
Medical Tourism: Belarusian Dentistry

Medical Tourism: Belarusian Dentistry

Hundreds of people come to the Republic of Belarus to treat their teeth because they know that the quality of Belarusian dentistry is not in doubt, but the prices are much lower.
Dental implants in Belarus

Dental implants in Belarus

Specialization of our center. We have been engaged for more than a dozen years.
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We will provide a Hollywood smile in the most convenient way: mouthguards, Beyond Polus, chemical whitening.
Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

We will do everything so that the baby is not afraid of the dentist and since childhood takes care of the teeth.
Dental treatment

Dental treatment

The rapid and painless treatment of teeth using modern equipment and quality materials.

Certificates and awards all certificates

Our specialists all doctors

Пажлаков Павел Анатольевич - врач стоматолог

Пажлаков Павел Анатольевич

Cтоматолог-терапевт первой квалификационной категории
Попов Спартак Юрьевич - врач стоматолог

Попов Спартак Юрьевич

Cтоматолог-ортопед первой квалификационной категории
Прялкин Сергей Викторович - врач стоматолог

Прялкин Сергей Викторович

Cтоматолог-ортопед с высшей квалификационной категории
Лойко Артём Васильевич - врач стоматолог

Лойко Артём Васильевич

Гришук Валерия Васильевна - врач стоматолог

Гришук Валерия Васильевна

Врач стоматолог первой квалификационной категории
Кутень Татьяна Егоровна - врач стоматолог

Кутень Татьяна Егоровна

Стоматолог-терапевт. Доктор первой квалификационной категории.

Services of the dental clinic “Dudko and Sons”


Teeth implantation is the main activity of our clinic, but there are many other services we can offer. So we have:


  • 9 highly qualified and experienced doctors;
  • our own radiology and opportunity of taking panoramic shots of both jaws;
  • our own dental technical lab where our specialists make dental implants and prosthetics from certified materials;
  • 7 prosthetists, who can fix your implants and prosthetics in case of their breakage.


Teeth whitening and restoration are also available in our Dental Implant Center so we can fix all microfractures, fill all the cavities, and make your smile ultrawhite. There are 4 various whitening options that we can offer, and we will help you to choose the suitable one:


  • home whitening;
  • in-office whitening;
  • LAW (light-activated whitening);
  • laser whitening.

We choose personalized treatment for each patient, considering individual features (like congenital conditions, enamel and soft tissue sensitivity, allergies, and so on). We operate our patients only after consultation; and we can guarantee the efficiency of methods used and long, positive effect of treatment.