Every person faced with the problem of partial or complete absence of teeth wondered “where to insert a tooth, in which clinic? Today it is possible to get quality treatment not only in another city, but also in another country, thanks to medtourism. It all comes down to the cost of treatment. Every year the number of foreign patients visiting Belarus and Minsk in particular is only growing. And this is not surprising. The quality of the services provided is at the level of European clinics, and the price is 1.5-2 times lower than in the Russian Federation, and 3-4 times lower than in Western Europe.

Why is dental implantation better in Belarus?

Here is what attracts tourists to Belarus:

  • Cost. The price of medical services is a pleasant surprise, because it is much lower than in Europe and Russia;
  • Quality. All materials and implants have appropriate quality certificates and are known all over the world;
  • Strict government control. Special government services control the quality of honey. equipment, medicines and medical services provided;
  • 30 days without a visa. You do not need a visa when visiting Belarus for up to 30 days, provided that you arrive in the country and leave it through Minsk National Airport.

In addition to all this, guests coming to the country can combine business with pleasure. During their stay, they can visit not only the medical facility, but also various tourist excursions.

How much does it cost to “put teeth in” in Minsk?

Due to the complexity of the procedure and the cost of the implants themselves, the prices for implantation bite everywhere, but let's still move on to specific numbers. In the table below you will find prices for dental implantation in Minsk, in our dental implantation center “Dudko and Sons”.

Table of all services and prices for implantation in Minsk

The table lists all possible related services so that you can see for yourself the striking difference in prices for implantation in Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vilnius and Tallinn compared to Minsk. The only thing that increases your expenses here is due to additional expenses for accommodation and transportation. But even taking this into account, treatment in Belarus remains more than attractive for foreigners.

Вид услуги Цена
Surgeon consultation
from 20
Implantation Osstem (S.Korea) TSIII SA
from 1160
Implantation Osstem (S.Korea) TSIX SA
from 980
Implantation Straumann SLA (Switzerland)
from 1600
Implantation Straumann SLActive (Switzerland)
from 1780
Implantation Nobel Biocare Parallel CC, Active Internal (Switzerland)
from 1750
Implantation MegaGen AnyOne (S.Korea)
from 920
Implantation MegaGen AnyRidge (S.Korea)
from 1100
Metal-free ceramic crown on an implant

Straumann, Neodent, and Nobel Biocare (Switzerland); Osstem and Megagen (South Korea); Noris, MIS, and AlphaBIO (Israel).
(Installing multiple crowns at once significantly reduces the total cost of the operation)

from 805
Removal of the implant

(переимплантит, реимплантация)

from 120
Infiltration anesthesia
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Osstem implants (South Korea)

4 implants with temporary prosthetics and surgery.

from 12000
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 Straumann SLA implants (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 NeoDent Implants by Straumann Group (Switzerland)

4 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

14 220
from 13500
All-on-4 complex prosthetics on 4 MegaGen implants (South Korea)

4 implants with temporary prosthetics and surgery.

from 12000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Osstem implants (South Korea)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 Straumann implants (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 19000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 NeoDent Implants by Straumann Group (Switzerland)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 17000
All-on-6 complex prosthetics on 6 MegaGen implants (South Korea)

6 implants with temporary prosthesis and work.

from 15000
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Guarantees and quality of services provided

Minsk private dentistry has always treated its patients with attention and care. But in our difficult time, we are forced to carefully monitor the quality of our own services. Much attention is paid to the selection of suppliers of high-quality consumables and reliable implants. Every year, orthopedists and implant surgeons undergo additional training to improve their professional skills, train with real stars of modern dentistry, participate in specialized conferences and seminars held in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Korea and Israel. Despite the fact that now it has become more difficult to do this.

Implant guarantee

Dental centers in Minsk are equipped with the latest modern equipment that allows you to perform the most complex operations requiring high precision.

All clinics in Belarus give an official guarantee for implantation, which includes the following subspecies:

  • Implant warranty. The manufacturer bears all responsibility and obligations under the warranty. In the event of a structural failure, the manufacturer, through the clinic where the installation was carried out, provides a new implant to the patient.
  • Warranty for prosthetics. This type of warranty applies to the crown. Here, the responsibility lies with the clinic and the dental laboratory that made the prosthesis.
  • Guarantee for survival. This is a fairly rare type of guarantee. In this case, the clinic ensures that the patient's bone tissue does not reject the implant.

“Insert teeth” in Minsk: what do you need?

To travel to Belarus for treatment, as well as to any other country, you must first prepare. Where to begin:

  • Contact us via the form on the site, or order a callback, tell us about your problem;
  • Send a dental x-ray or CT scan;
  • Answer questions from a specialist, clarify details;
  • Get a treatment plan with timing and cost;
  • Discuss accommodation, transfers, etc.