Each person who faced the problem of partial or complete absence of teeth asked himself the question « replace missing tooth, in which implantion centre?». Today it is possible to receive quality treatment not only in another city, but also in another country, thanks to medical tourism services. Everything only rests on the price of treatment. Every year, the number of foreign patients visiting Belarus and Minsk in particular, is only growing. And this is not surprising. The quality of the services provided is at the level of European clinics, and the price is 1.5-2 times less than in the Russian Federation, and 3-4 times lower than in Western Europe.

What is the best dental implantation in Belarus?

Here is what attracts tourists to Belarus:

  • Cost. The price of medical services is pleasantly surprising, because it is much lower than in Europe and Russia;
  • Quality. All materials and implants have the appropriate certificates of quality and fame around the world ;
  • Strict state control. Special government services monitor the quality of medical equipment, medicines and medical services provided;
  • 30 days without a visa. You will not need a visa when visiting Belarus up to 30 days, provided that you arrive in the country and leave it through Minsk National Airport.

In addition to all this, visitors to the country can combine business with pleasure. During their stay, they can visit not only the medical facility, but also various tourist excursions.

How much does it cost to tooth replacement in Minsk?

Due to the complexity of the procedure and the cost of the implants themselves, implantation prices are quite high. So, let’s move on to the numbers. Below is a comparative table of prices for dental implants in Minsk, Russia and some European countries.

Comparative implantation price chart (cost is in euros)

Service Minsk (Belarus) Budapest (Hungary) Warsaw (Poland) Moscow (Russia) Prague (Czech Republic)
Implantation All-on-4 (AlphaBIO) 2 552 4 350 6 750 4 200 3 750
ИImplantation All-on-6 (AlphaBIO) 2 686 5 950 9 100 6 700 4 950
AlphaBIO implant with zirconium crown 496 1 050 1 150 850 980
Sinus lifting (work without materials) 192 600 580 410 510
Installing veneers (CAD-CAM) 213 290 580 750 240

The table clearly shows that the cost of implantation, installation of veneers on the teeth, sinus lift in Minsk, significantly lower than in Russia and Europe. The only thing that can increase the cost of dental services is the expense of additional expenses for accommodation and transport. But even with this in mind, treatment in Belarus remains attractive to foreigners.

Warranties and quality of service provided

Minsk dentists very carefully monitor the quality of their services, pay great attention to the choice of suppliers of consumables and implants, and are constantly engaged in improving the professional skills of their doctors through internships, conferences and seminars in Europe, the USA, and Israel.

Implantation Guarantee

Dental centers in Minsk are equipped with the latest modern equipment, which allows performing the most complex operations requiring high precision.

All clinics in Belarus give an official implantation guarantee, which includes the following types:

  • Warranty on the implant. The manufacturer is fully responsible and liable for the warranty. In the event of a structural failure, the manufacturer through the clinic where the installation was carried out, provides a new implant to the patient.
  • Warranty for prosthetics. This type of guarantee applies to the crown. Here, the responsibility lies with the clinic and the dental laboratory that made the prosthesis.
  • Survival Guarantee. This is a fairly rare type of guarantee. In this case, the clinic ensures that the patient’s bone tissue is not torn away.

“Replace missing tooth cheap” in Minsk: what is needed?

For a trip to Belarus for treatment, as in any other country, you must first prepare. Where to begin: