Prior to the development of the new edentulous restoration technique – Pro Arch, Straumann had already offered dental implantation protocols for 4-post implantation, however, these implied vertical placement with delayed loading. Today, a new concept is being practiced for inclined installation according to the Pro Arch TL protocol with fixation of the fixed structure already on the day of implantation. It is suitable for partial and total adentia in both jaws. The use of 4 inclined supports is justified in case of moderate atrophy of periodontal tissues and evenly transfers the chewing load to the jaw bones. Pro Arch on titanium and zirconium implants for fixing fixed dentures can radically solve your dental problems. The painless express installation of a complete prosthesis on one-component implants with multi-component abutments completely restores the chewing function of the jaw and the beauty of a smile. The use of the Pro Arch system of the Swiss premium brand Straumann makes it possible to carry out prosthetics with a guarantee even with severe degeneration of periodontal tissues without bone grafting.

Features of Pro Arch implantation

To restore all the teeth of the upper jaw, use Pro Arch on 4-6 dental screws with fixation of two anterior ones in a vertical parallel position and two lateral – elongated pins in an inclined position. This technique provides high-quality fixation with severe degradation of the jawbone. The prosthesis is securely held by a reinforced metal or fiberglass frame.

Pro Arch Implant Price

  • Restoration of all teeth of one jaw using the Pro Arch method on 4 implants – from 3 820 USD
  • Restoration of all teeth of one jaw using the Pro Arch method on 6 implants – from 4 380 USD
  • Total: The cost of implantation of both jaws will be 8 200 USD, including the cost of prostheses, but without bone grafting.
  • For comparison: Installation of 1 Straumann implant with a turnkey MK crown in our clinic – 1 025 USD

Why contact us

Dudko and Sons Clinic is the oldest private clinic in Minsk. We have experience and knowledge about so many clinical cases that are unattainable in other clinics. The most modern equipment for diagnostics, modeling and treatment is located right in the clinic in the very center of Minsk. And of course, we are the official partner of Straumann , therefore, we use exclusively original materials and work according to the approved protocol. Our specialists will select for you a system prosthetics , based on the number and location of missing teeth, based on the possible amount of functional load on jaw and your wallet! Please consider the possible need for bone grafting if teeth have been missing for a long time. Together with the manufacturer, we provide an extended commitment for the placement of Straumann implants with compensation in the event of rejection.

Pro-Arch implantation

Main indications and contraindications for Pro Arch fixed prosthetics

Most contraindications are temporary and can be eliminated with appropriate treatment.

Indications for implantation include:

  • Partial or complete loss of teeth
  • Their pathological mobility
  • Bone tissue atrophy and impossibility of bone grafting
  • Need for quick installation


  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • Osteoporosis
  • Acute periodontal tissue inflammation

Pro Arch single-phase implantation technology

The technique consists of 3 stages and is suitable for prosthetics of both jaws.

  1. The first includes assessing the condition of the jaw, carrying out diagnostic measures, modeling the process in the program. The actions taken help to avoid mistakes and predict the result.
  2. The second involves preparing the bed and screwing the corresponding pins into the gum. When installing 4 pieces, two are inserted into the frontal zone and two into the distal zone instead of molars. If 6 implants are used, 2 of them are implanted into the area of ​​the chewing teeth on the left and on the right. To achieve greater stability, the bone around the socket is compacted.
  3. In conclusion, the multi-unit abutments are attached to the metal frame with screws for the period of implant engraftment.

The orthopedist must ensure that the prosthesis fits snugly to the gum to avoid any discomfort when chewing. Also, the load on the gums due to increased blood circulation in the tissues ensures the early engraftment of the pins. The appearance and functionality of the new teeth do not differ from the real ones.

We employ professionals whose skills are confirmed by the appropriate certificates of systems developers, which gives them the right to work with express download protocols. The knowledge, which is annually increased at specialized international seminars and advanced training programs, helps them to master advanced dental technologies to perfection.

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