The advantages of dental implants in Minsk became fully evident in the process of improving this modern technology. Implants can be used to replace a missing tooth without preparation (turning) of adjacent teeth. Previously, to restore one missing tooth, two adjacent teeth were grinded to make a bridge.

Now, modern dentistry allows you to quite safely do without turning the adjacent teeth. By installing a single implant, we will maintain adjacent healthy teeth.

Implants can replace dentition defects of any length and location.

Implants can be used as supports for staging a bridge during restoration of large dentition defects.

Dental implants allows you to make fixed structures even on a completely toothless jaw. A removable denture based on dental implants fixes an order of magnitude better than a conventional denture and provides an optimal chewing function, which is what a patient with a toothless jaw needs. Advantages of removable dentures on implants:

a. excellent prosthesis fixation
b. optimal chewing function
c. takes up less space in the mouth.

A conventional removable prosthesis takes up a lot of space in the oral cavity (a closed palate, an increase in the borders in the hyoid area and on the threshold of the oral cavity are necessary conditions for its stable fixation), which causes the patient significant inconvenience at the stage of getting used to the design, chewing efficiency decreases, with inevitable distortion taste sensations and diction. The design of the prosthesis based on implants has much smaller boundaries (the palate and sublingual region remain free), the period of getting used to it lasts several days, and it is not felt in the mouth.

There are situations when it is impossible to help the patient with traditional prosthetics and dental implants become the only alternative.

With the loss of teeth, a bone devoid of functional load will quickly atrophy (bone decreases in height and width). In the manufacture of the bridge, atrophy of the bone tissue does not stop. The implant stops bone atrophy and mimics the physiological stress on bone tissue like natural teeth.

The modern level of development of dentistry allows in some cases to use dental implants immediately after tooth extraction, and immediately make a crown.

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