I called to find out the price, taking into account the information that the decree on the site. As a result, the prices do not correspond to reality and the price does not include the surgical procedure and the gum shaper. And the name "stage" is apparently not understood in the clinic. The price in the end is 600 rubles only for the purchase of the holder (basis). I will not appeal to a money divorce. And as for the exchange rate to prices, from April 1 in the Republic of Belarus a ban on price increases. Conclusion, pricing is not transparent and lacks trust.
Answer from the administration:
Dear Vladimir. My name is Dmitry - I manage the information that is posted on the site. Allow me to immediately apologize for misleading you through your actions. This was not done on purpose. In the process of agreeing prices posted on the site, a gross mistake was made in the preparation of its description. Indeed, the list of included works did not match the price that was published. Yesterday we reviewed all implantation services and brought them into line with the list of manipulations. Большое спасибо, что обратили на это наше внимание. Мы постараемся впредь больше не допустить такой ошибки.