Установка брекетов
I want to express gratitude to the clinic Dudko and sons! Thanks to you, I can fully smile again. Thank you for explaining at the first appointment how the treatment process will occur and how often you need to visit the dentist to change arches. For those who doubt to put braces or not, I want to tell my case. Firstly, I am glad that the whole installation took only some one and a half hours. I will not hide, the procedure was not the most pleasant, but the result is worth it. I had metal braces installed, which required lifting arches and visiting an orthodontist dentist once a month - one and a half. The treatment of my teeth began in June 2018, and already in August 2019, I had braces removed and a retainer installed. In general, I went through braces for almost a year and three months, but the result was already visible in the first months. As for the restrictions, they were practically nonexistent. It’s just that in the early days it wasn’t habitual to feel something on the teeth. It is very pleasing that in the clinic everyone was attentive to my treatment, from administrators to doctors. It is very pleasant that the administration of the clinic reminds of the reception. Doctors answered all my possibly stupid questions and were very patient and polite. Thanks again to the clinic for my straight teeth!