Acute pain - treatment
My lower jaw ached terribly, I could not stand it, analgesics did not help, from the pain I could not even determine which tooth was hurting. I went to an appointment at my dentistry for a fee, where I have been going for many years. They looked there, dig deeper, removed the filling, inserted it again, took an X-ray and said - drink antibiotics, if it swells - go to cut the gum, we can do nothing else, and let go home with the same pain. Another day I climbed on the walls from pain, antibiotics and pain relievers did not help. On Sunday (few dentists work), due to acute pain, Dudko and my sons arrived at the Center. The doctor on duty V.V. Lukashevich worked. I looked for a long time, checked in different ways where the pain came from and what was wrong with me, while I lay, cried and prayed that he would find the reason. And he found it! I found a micro crack to the nerve with some micropieces! He put the medicine down and said after 5 days just go to any clinic, remove the nerve and fill the canal. Of course, the doctor is peculiar, not the courtesy itself, as is usually the case in paid places they force to lick clients, but the doctor is from God! Half an hour later, I was already crying with happiness that 4 days of hellish pain had passed, thanks to the persistent search for the mysterious cause of the unbearable pain. And whoever doesn't like doctors who do a good job, but who try to please you - go where they lick you, not the fact that there will be a result. Many thanks to V.V. Lukashevich, I ask the management to personally convey to him thanks for the restoration of the painless comfort of my life!
Answer from the administration:
Thank you very much for such a good review, Olga!