Nina Dnestreanscaia
Installation of implants
For a very long time I was looking for a clinic with good reviews and recommendations and I do not regret that I stayed at the Dudko clinic. Although I am from Moldova, a very friendly team is very good doctors, all professionals in their work. I want to leave a good review for the surgeon Although I do not know his name - Sorry ... It works very professionally and, most importantly, without pain, and most importantly after the operation, he explained to me in great detail and gave good recommendations. The final work was done for me by orthopedist Alexander Pavlovich for him I also put 10 +. Many thanks to Anu who arranged for me to help with the transfer from and to the airport and, in general, was there for all 5 days that I spent in your clinic. I don’t say goodbye to you, see you in six months
Answer from the administration:
Thank you very much, Nina, for your feedback and kind words. We are looking forward to the next meeting!