Dudko & Sons Dental Laboratory

For the manufacture of dental products, only high-quality materials are used that have passed all the necessary registrations and have all the relevant certifications. That guarantees their high quality and durability in use. If necessary, repair types of robots are also performed, which may be needed for any damage to prostheses.

The advantages of having your own dental laboratory:

  1. The possibility of rapid prosthetics. After the impressions are taken, you can immediately start working on making them, without wasting time transporting them to another laboratory.
  2. There is no risk of damage. Often, when moving from one laboratory to another, the structure can be damaged, so this can be avoided by making it on site.
  3. Direct cooperation between a dental technician and a dentist. Already at the very initial stages of manufacturing a prosthesis, you can get advice from a dental technician on the selection of material and color, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. In particularly difficult cases, the technician may be present during the discussion of prosthetics. Also, at all stages, the dentist can control the manufacturing process of the structure and first make sure of its quality, and if necessary, you can immediately adjust it.
  4. Convenience for the patient. Having your own laboratory makes visiting a specialist more comfortable. You can not only get the full range of services provided by the clinic, but if necessary, they will also produce a product to create a healthy and beautiful smile.

When addressing our center for dental prosthetics, you can be sure of the high quality of the manufactured structures, because the combination of all the described factors guarantees that the product will suit you in shape and color, which will significantly reduce the risk of miscalculations and thus avoid unnecessary corrections and adjustments.