Varios 970 is a stand-alone multifunctional device used in periodontics, general therapy, as well as care. The presence of many nozzles makes it possible for the dentist to carry out quality procedures for any anatomy of the oral cavity.

When the appliance is used:

  1. Professional oral hygiene: deep cleaning of deposits and dental plaque.
  2. Periodontics: prevention and treatment of pathologies of the posterior tissue.
  3. Minimum invasive surgery: treatment with minimal impact on the tissue.
  4. Implant care..
  5. Tartar removal with ultrasound .

In the hands of a professional, the equipment will be able to rid itself of existing and future problems, such as the formation of caries, periodontal disease and others. Two LEDs illuminate the surface to be treated well, so that a specialist will not miss a millimeter of plaque.