Our clinic uses the most modern five-axis Ceramill Motion-2 milling machine, with which it has become possible to manufacture all types of prostheses and frames using the computer method. This is an all-in-one, modern milling machine for dentistry. It has five machining axes and is able to work with both dry and wet milling. It supports the processing of a variety of materials – from metals to plastics. In this case, the device is quite compact.

Due to its capabilities of different types of milling, for Ceramill Motion-2 you can set the optimal cutting conditions for different types of materials. To improve performance and increase productivity, the device uses a special development – the Speedboost strategy. This router is equipped with the reliable and precise Jäger® spindle.

Фрезерный станок Ceramill Motion-2: использование в стоматологии

Features of a milling cutter Ceramill Motion-2:

  • On one device, it is possible to make structures using wet and dry milling;
  • The five-axis milling method allows you to produce the most accurate designs and individual abutments;
  • Software is constantly being updated and updated for the device;
  • An opportunity to process any material taking into account its properties;
  • Modular apparatus, complemented by other holders for workpieces and for materials;
  • Developed by “speedboost” – milling strategy for maximum productivity;
  • One of the most accurate and particularly functional Jäger® spindle, which does not require much maintenance;
  • Automatic control of the length of the cutter and control of its abrasion;
  • Applicable to open CAD / CAM systems (3Shape®, DentalWings®, etc.).