The SmartOPTIC microscope, from the Polish manufacturer Seliga, specializing in the production and distribution of special equipment used in dentistry, gynecology and ENT, is equipped with a high-quality optical system. It provides high optical resolution, high-quality image and high depth of field. All this makes the SmartOPTIC microscope an indispensable tool in modern dental practice, and Dental Surgical Microscopy.

SmartOPTIC Microscope Options:

  • microscope with LED light;
  • binocular with a tilt (0-195 degrees);
  • elongated shoulder (900 mm);
  • lens with a focal length of 250 mm.

Additional options:

  • direct beam divider;
  • 60-degree beam divider;
  • PROCAM CCD digital camera with beam divider;
  • adapter for SLR photo camera SLR;
  • adapter for a video camera;
  • adapter for a Sony Nex digital camera;
  • binocular extension;
  • ring for binocular rotation;
  • shoulder extension.