The 1st intellectual tournament of the dental community of Belarus “Intellect-Dent” dedicated to the World Dentist Day was held in Minsk.
The tournament was attended by teams in which heads of more than 20 dental clinics, laboratories, suppliers of medical equipment and dental solutions fought for the intellectual top. The tasks were versatile and difficult – both on the dental topic, and on the financial, historical and many others.

A confident victory was won by the team of the Dudko&Sons Dental Implant Center, the leading medical institution in Belarus in such a complex and high-tech field of dentistry as dental implants.

“We came here to win and won,” said Oleg DUDKO, the head of the winning company. – Thanks to a close-knit and diverse team, we succeeded. For our company, family dental traditions and the high intellectual level of each doctor have always been primary. Of course, we intend to hold the palm of intellectual superiority and look forward to the next match. ”

The honorable guests of the tournament appreciated the intellectual duel for the dental community – the chief freelance specialist in dentistry of the Ministry of Health of Belarus Andrei Matveev, the head of the Association of Dental Organizations of Belarus Vasily Shutov, the Director of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor Kunyavsky Zhanna Tarasevich.

The cohesion of the heads of dental companies is respected, – said Maxim SCHERBINA, business coach, head of the consulting group “Maximum”, organizer of the tournament “Intelligence-Dent”. – They are all competitors to each other in the dental services market, but this did not stop them from successfully making joint decisions as part of a team of different managers. As always, conducting intellectual fights for a specific industry, we become more reasonable, which allows us to make informed decisions in our work.”

Vasily SHUTOV, head of the Association of Dental Organizations of Belarus, noted that among the leaders of dental organizations there is a desire to unite: “This is proved by the Intellect-Dent tournament, various groups in the Internet space, as well as a more organized and productive one the format of business communities, which takes communication from the space of the Union itself to the external environment – intersectoral communication, communication within ministries, with the leadership of the republic. This speaks of openness, confirms the desire for excellence, moving forward.”

The co-organizer of the White Laboratory tournament and many other representatives of the dental community have already expressed their readiness for revenge. However, the powerful team of Dudko&Sons Dental Implant Center seems invincible. Soon it has to be checked.

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