• Dental consultation;
  • Teeth implantation;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Teeth treatment;
  • Teeth extractions;
  • Tooth filling;
  • Dental prosthetics;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Dental panoramic radiogram;
  • Orthodontics.

At present dental tourism is rapidly gaining ground. Dental tours to Belarus are becoming more and more popular with citizens of Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and other countries. Hundreds of people are coming to Belarus to treat their teeth due to the high quality of Belarusian dentistry and its relatively low prices. 

Only doctors of the highest and first category (doctors, who have more than 8 years experience) are allowed to work in the field of private medicine. Moreover, Belarusian state exerts strict control over dentistry, and makes dental clinics undergo rigorous certification procedures and sanitary controls. That’s why patients are treated with modern equipment, high-quality materials, and proven methodologies. 

Also, prices for tooth treatment, restoration, implantation, and other dentistry in Minsk are 1,5 – 3 times less comparing with prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg clinics.

Medical tourism: dentistry in Belarus

The cost of dental treatment comparing with other countries



  • Hungary – 4350
  • Belarus – 2550
  • Poland – 9100
  • Russia – 6700
  • Czech – 3750


  • Hungary – 5950
  • Belarus – 2680
  • Poland – 6750
  • Russia – 4200
  • Czech – 4950

One implant Aplha-Bio with crown

  • Hungary – 1050
  • Belarus – 386
  • Poland – 1150
  • Russia – 850
  • Czech – 980

The final price of the treatment is formed after consultation with the doctor. It depends on the treatment plan, cost of medical consumables, and patient’s wishes.

Going to Belarus for tooth treatment and restoration, choose Dental Implant Center “Dudko and Sons”, the best dental clinic in Minsk:


  • Our prices are equal for citizens of all countries;
  • We use modern German, Japanese, Swiss and American equipment;
  • We offer our patients the best implant systems, including Nobel Biocare and Oneway Biomed (Sweden), Megagen (Korea), and MIS Implants (Israel), which are available only in a few Belarusian dental clinics.

We have been treating teeth and giving flawless smiles to our patients since 1995; and we are a full-service dental practice, from teeth whitening to complex teeth implantation. The reputation is really important to us so our Dental Implant Center “Dudko and Sons” employs true professionals. These are doctors, who have more than 10 years practice in various spheres of dentistry.

Стоматологический туризм


Setting up a dental tour to Belarus


A dental tour can be expected to take from one day to one week. Its duration depends on nature of service that you need. For example, aesthetic procedures aren’t time-consuming so you can arrive in Minsk early in the morning and be home the same day in the evening. Dental prosthetics and implantation take longer, for including complete sanitation of oral cavity, making implants, dentures, and their installation. 


No matter how long your visit lasts, we will make it as comfortable as it possible. We are fluent in Russian, English, and Polish and you can rely on us in such matters as:


  1. choosing the option of dental treatment/prosthetics/implantation considering your preferences and individual features;
  2. meeting at the airport/station and take them back after the end of their treatment;
  3. providing accommodation while on treatment in “Dudko and Sons” clinic;
  4. arranging transfer service (to hotel, rented apartment, clinic, and back);
  5. recommending sightseeings and leisure activities;
  6. visa support;
  7. user-friendly models of payment (by card, or by cash).

Choose convenient time, sign up, and come to our clinic! You will find free expert advice, quality, painless treatment and a pleasant experience of exploring the Belarusian capital. Any Questions? You may leave any requests on our site, email at dudkois@tut.by or call at  +375 17 334 9165; +375 44 545 0910; +375 33 355 6458.