Прялкин Сергей Викторович - врач стоматолог

General information

  • Experience - 18 years
  • English Intermediate level
  • Orthopaedic treatment
  • Preparation for orthopaedic treatment
  • Preparing teeth for prosthetics
  • Tooth restoration


  • 1997 —
    Graduated from Kursk Medical College with a degree in orthopedic dentistry
  • 2004 —
    He graduated from the Belarusian State Medical University with a degree in dentistry.
  • 2007 - 2009 —
    He was trained in clinical residency at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, BSMU.
  • Since 2010, he has been an assistant, and since 2016, a senior lecturer in the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics with a course in pediatric dentistry BelMAPE.
  • He is the author of 25 publications, 2 patents, 6 teaching aids.
  • Annually speaks at scientific forums with oral presentations. He regularly attends foreign scientific and practical conferences and seminars.